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  • Bel

    Bel was the lord of [[Avernus]], the first layer of Hell. Sometime during the invasion of Avernus by the [[Far Realm]] the prince of hell [[:caleb | Caleb]] ascended to rule. It is unknown just how Bel lost his place as lord, but it is assumed that he …

  • Dispater

    Dispater is the lord of [[Dis]], the second layer of hell. When the Far Realm invaded Dis, the paranoid Dispater taped into the powers of hell and unleashed them in a catastrophic explosion that eliminated all life on Dis. As a result, Dis was cleansed …

  • Who, MD

    Although very little is known about Who, MD, it is said that he is always there when the world really needs him. It is possible he has taken to traveling again, this time with a new [[:opus-magnum | companion ]]

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