Fall of the Gods

Chapter 1
Where we learned a basic backstory and met our new characters

So we woke up around a sword

Legion approaches the sword that magically becomes a rod in his hand. The rod carries the name “Deicide

At that point we decided to check our bags and were surprised to see the amount of things contained within.

Hawk – the griffin
Opus Magnum

After Opus flies up on Hawk, he discovered that we are in the middle of a giant sigil that says “god slayers”

From where the sword was, a brilliant light erupts!

Thrown off by this turn of events, and afraid of what was to come, the brave warlock Legion threw the removed artifact and tossed it to Opus. To further surprise them, it turned into a vorpal axe in his giant size. Curious to see what would happen, Legion instructed Opus to toss it to Irik. Noticing his shady and secretive demeanor, he immediately regrets that decision.

They’re attention redirected back to the light, they see a horde of angels appear.

The angels start speak in a strange language unknown to Irik and Opus, but luckily the wizened warlock Legion was able to tell the group that they were threatening us, and that we should kill them.

The angels quickly become frustrated with the inane conversation between the three heroes, the angels demand they hand over the weapon so that they may use it to kill the excess gods. When Irik learns that his may be at risk, he implies that he would prefer his god, The Traveler, to be spared, Legion translates this as a threat to the angels and asks them “If they are going to take that?” They don’t.

Opus -“That god damn bat!”
Irik – “It might be a god damning bat.”

Within 40 seconds, the majority of the angels were destroyed, except for the one cowardly fool who ran away.

With that, we climbed aboard our mounts…and booked ass.

We head into the town Naderan to investigate the miniscule amount of information that we have. We agree to meet up at the Lumpy Gnome and split up to explore the city. The temple of Moradin proves useless to Opus, so we meet up and enjoy the fine accommodations of the Lumpy Gnome. Somehow the priests there were more helpful.

“Clerics of Pelor = Emo Bitches”

That night…

Legion is on the 1st level of hell, before Bel. His insolence gets him whipped repeatedly. Until he finally realizes he should kneel before his lord. Legion is behind on delivering a demon lord skull to him. He wakes up back in his bed, and feels the lashes.

Opus, happy to learn of the absence of slaves in the town, buys 20 acres of land and donates it to the town.

We decided to consult an oracle.

We learned nothing….except that there is a prophecy of the godslayers

Consulting Legion’s minion, we learn that the lattice of heaven has been destroyed, causing an excess number of gods that overlap and that the gods have been forced down to the mortal realm in mortal form.

Dm – “What is The Traveler the god of?”
Entire group in unison – “Traveling”

After much discussion on which gods the party would like to see dead, Opus decides that we should head to the religious center of the continent, the city of Cassius. A city which, unbeknownst to Irik and Opus, Legion has a sordid history with….

Chapter 2
Where we broke our GMs mind and then he broke our characters’ bodies

Arriving in the city, we learned that all Dwarves had been called away from the city, leaving many blacksmiths and taverns empty.

At the temple of Asmodeus, Opus offers our services in eliminating a god, but we are unable to send a messenger to him, because Legion has fallen out of favor with Bel.

Rejected, we try the Temple of Kord, where, of course, Opus is punched in the face by the greeter. The greeter offers us 50,000G for the head of Orcus. He happily accepts

“Kenkus love Who, MD”

In order to plan our quest, we consult on oracle again
Head to Thanatos
When you kill a celestial being with Deicide , they cease to be.
Sigil is the closest source we can go to to begin rebuilding the lattice of heaven
All the dwarves went to Forgehome (asked by Legion, read earlier in the day on signs all over town)

“Do you have anything that can help?”

“Cassius means kindling….in the ancient tongue”

On the flip of a coin, we decide to head to Sigil over Thanatos. We offer the apprentice at the wizards tower a wicked awesome party with hot slutty girls in exchange for teleportation to a town with a gate to Sigil. Making good on his word, Opus goes out into the town and informs some attractive young ladies of the handsome apprentice inside.

We appear in Bedlam into the middle of a riot between a number of githzerai vs slods. In an attempt to flee the area, Irik wanders into an area with inverted gravity, and starts to fall up. Opus flies after on his griffin, but the change in gravity overcomes him causing Opus to go flying after. As gravity corrects itself, Irik uses his feather fall ring to float back down, but Opus plummets forcefully, leaving a massive crater where he falls. For generations after, this crater will be known as The Greatest Crater and stories of the rock man who fell from the sky and limped away

We try many methods of investigation before Irik asks someone.

Legion loses a level for referring to information known to other characters.

“The ship comes…there are splinters everywhere”

We go to Irik’s residence on Sigil to plan our next step. Irik’s outright refusal to converse with his help delays their investigation. Alfred, his butler, informs us of going ons before Legion asked about interplanar travel

“My brain is completely fried at this moment”

Irik retires to his double king sized bed while Legion and Opus are resolved to sleeping in their travel bags on his dining table.

During the night, Legion has a dream. He appears before Bel, and remembering his last visit, drops to his knees and begins to flail himself. In walks Caleb, Legion’s twin brother and rival for Bel’s throne. In a spectacular display of fraternal one-upmanship, when Caleb shows off the two heads he brought his lord, Legion boasts that he will bring two more, a total of 4. Bel demands this by tomorrow. Serial, in an attempt to provide Legion with any positive spin, he notes his increased height. Legion, in a desperate attempt to gain favor, offers Orcus’s head. Bel, knowing the limited abilities of Legion, asks him to, instead, defeat Duriel, a demon lord causing Bel particular problems.

While Irik and Opus enjoy their breakfast, Legion tricks them to approach Orcus 400 levels lower (in order to kill Duriel) and sneak in that way. After his compounding lies fall in on him, and he decides to tell the truth. Legion offers us all of the monetary gain from the mission, as long as he can bring back the heads.

In order to get into the guild, we need to leave a secret. Legion admits to attempting to destroy a world, Irik admits he stole the godslayer weapon, and Opus admits his bravado is to hide that he is afraid in combat.

Inside we find a room filled with children, and a demon preparing to eat them. Unable to support this and eager to finally take down a demon and prove his worth, Legion drew his sword. During the combat, Legion’s brother Caleb shows up to observe his brother. A critical blunder by Legion causes Caleb to laugh. Although his laughter is stopped when Irik drops the demon.

He introduces himself to the group. In a fit over the group’s warm greetings to his brother and rival, Legion creates a portal to Avernus and walks through. Opus cuts off the demon’s head and hides it in his glove.

Caleb offers his help which Irik immediately accepts. Opus invites him as well. Legion, paranoid of his brother embarrassing him and stealing his kill tells him that he is not welcome. Caleb casually mentions that he won’t learn how to kill Duriel. Information which Legion begs him to share, but Caleb leaves, saying goodbye to his brother, who he calls “Thomas”.

As we explore Avernus, the smell of fire and brimstone fills our senses.. We walk to the portal chamber where Legion demands to go to level 531. The devil working there informs him, the prince of hell, that this is not how the portal works, and that it goes to Pezonia.

While the group thought they were in hell before, Pezonia is monumentally worse. A legion devil, who apparently views Legion as his commander, informs us that the portal we need is 6 miles out from the fortress we arrived at. Legion commands a phalanx and transportation to the portal while we rest for the night.

As they rest, Legion once again appears before Bel. Caleb is there with a group of the children he “rescued” from the demon Irik just defeated. Legion informs Bel that Caleb has information he needs to defeat Duriel. Legion claims that he does not want Caleb’s help, but asks his master for ….

And then he wakes up… To find a well bred nightmare to serve as his mount. As legion climbs aboard, the mount teleports away and leaves him.

The group mounts up and Opus flies out on his griffin, Hawk and is promptly knocked off by a demon soldier. Thousands of devils rush out of the fortress to recover Hawk and are able to do so at the cost of their lives. Repeat.

So he decides to stay with the group this time. They get to the portal leaving half of the devils to guard the portal and sending the other half through ahead to clear the way for us. Irik rips a tattoo off one of the demons as he jumps through the portal. The demon is unaware of this theft.

The party arrives in an ocean of blood. Opus pulls out a magical feather boat and they climb on.
As Opus asks Legion which direction we need to go, Legion realizes that he does not know. Irik seems to remember that he had once heard where he might need to go, but has no idea of their orientation. Luckily Opus was able to help navigate, and together, the two of them are successfully able to navigate towards Duriel’s ship.

Opus and Legion initially decide to ram their tiny boat into Duriel’s larger one, however Irik instead decides to stealthily navigate their boat along side of the boat.

As Opus jumps onto the boat, he throws the demon’s head at Duriel proclaiming “you’re next”. Legions follows, adding in “Yeah”. During the very difficult battle, Opus cleverly banishes Duriel, only later causing him to reappear on his swan boat, and causes the boat to turn back into a feather causing Duriel to fall into the blood ocean. When he finally manages to climb back onto his ship, Irik knocks him back off the back again. He climbs back on and attacks Opus, causing a reaction to one of Opus’s powers which forces him teleported back.

Opus was taken out first, prompting Legion to finally call for the aid of his brother. When Caleb arrives, his first attack misses, proving his genetic link to Legion. Somehow Legion manages to pull up the strength to use one of his strongest attacks, one he can normally only use once a day, for the third time and misses. Seeing that things are not going to work out, Irik runs and grabs Opus and pulls him overboard. Legion follows after and they teleport out of there.

“put a bucket on it’s head”

Chapter 3
Where we defeated the sun while babysitting a child

We manage to return to Avernus and rest for a night before Legion is called back before Bel. Caleb is there. Legion attempts to push the blame for his failure onto the unconscious Opus, however Bel just viewed this as an additional example of Legion’s failure. Disappointed at his constant failures, Bel takes away his pact powers. Tasking him with trying to survive two weeks without the powers given to him by his lord. Legion demands to prove his worth by defeating his brother in combat. This does not end favorably for Legion, with him being knocked unconscious.

Irik grabs the bodies of Legion and Opus and pull them through a portal back to the material realm. We appear in the middle of the field where we first woke up. In the field is an elf with a dog.

At this point, Opus came to and discovered the strange elf. He sees the dying corpse of Legion and heals him, but even after the healing, he still looks almost diseased. Opus informs Legion that he has been freed from hell and is now able to accept Soniver as his true god.

“All great men name themselves”

We learned that Opus was picked on as a child until he changed his name to Opus Magnum. He also had a Kobold lover that was kidnapped by shardminds. Someone he has searched for all his life.

Irik has a much simpler story. He was separated from his flock, lost and hungry and stole some food. He was very surprised to see that stealth and thievery came naturally to him, and he simply continued searching for new things to sneak through and things to steal.

A shadar-kai appears before us…randomly and berates us for constantly bickering.

Revenge – “You hold in your hands, an object of death”
Irik – “Yep”
Revenge – “if you don’t fulfil your destiny, do you know what will happen?”
Irik – “Death?”

We are brought to a forest that is dying from heat exposure.and as we leave the forest, we see a second sun. We realize that with everything happening, that it will be possible for anyone to acquire the power of the gods. This would be what we are fighting to prevent. We head down into the town to eliminate this new “god” that has created this second sun.

The Shadar-kai introduces herself as Revenge, a high priestess of the Raven Queen.

As we walk into town, Irik heads ahead to search around. They come upon a farm where Irik proceeds to steal some food and a pig. Opus buys 5 weeks worth of food for a gold because the woman can’t break his gold for change. The farmer then offers to butcher, salt, and pack a pig for a gold. An offer Opus accepts. Legion asks for a dire pig and is informed “We don’t sell those here sir”. The farmer informs the group that Pelor (who was killed in the second dawn war) walks the earth in town. He directs us to the temple in town. Daniver, the elf, buys a horse from the farmer.

The farm land was about 75 degrees, compared to the forest that was about 140. As we approach the town, the temperature is about 28.

The “Pelor” is holding court in the town. We approach to try to take him down, except that there are about 400 followers attending, which would draw more attention that we desire.

Legion informs the group that this impostor is an almost perfect representation of Pelor.

To get some more information, Opus suggests that Irik go see…and before he can say anything else, Irik has disappeared, able to hide openly in the sight of this false god for the course of a day.

The rest of the group heads to the Lumpy Gnome. Daniver is upset that his horse is not allowed into the bar. The bartender seems to be put off by “Pelor’s rise to power. To him, it is unnatural for a preacher to become a god.

Opus tries to preach that “Pelor” is a false god and that it will turn against them in the future. However the hippy residents have a hard time losing their faith.

“We will test their faith with fire while we kill their god”

“Parabola of fire”

Irik comes back and informs them that “Pelor” and his bodyguard will be outside the temple for an hour before sunrise by themselves.

We plot out an attack plan where we encircle them in a parabola of fire to keep the townsfolk away from the combat. To further diminish their effectiveness, Irik steals the bodyguards sword (melegaunts dark blade, is that recorded somewhere) before she enters combat.

Legion, in a shocking show of might after having missed horribly in his last two attacks, launches a devastating attack and takes “Pelor” down.. An astounding feat considering that he has been cut off from his infernal powers.

A few seconds later, a beam of radiant energy erupts from the body of “Pelor” and heals himself back to full health.

“Yes, after he speaks his supernal slut talk”

Tired of this game, Irik sneaks up behind “Pelor” and knocks his holy ass unconscious. This triggers an ability in Opus that allows him to take a swing. Opus swings with Deicide and cleaves him in twaine.

“You die in Canada, you die in real life”

Chapter 4
Where a wizard loses all faith in the everything he held dear

Legion claims the divine spark from the corpse of “Pelor” and is gifted with an angel.

“Chaotic shifting balls of light”

“You guys suck”

Segnus hartrider in the forbidden forest is the nearest “god” of war. Ultra-elf

Segnus started a war against the human civilizations and forced them out and off of their land, leaving the humans to settle into Cassius. As Segnus headed north, the king of Rodania held a line preventing him from going any further. Segnus declared that any mortal entering the forest will be killed on sight.

Needs to be remembered that oracles, like direct witnesses in a trial, should never be asked yes or no questions.

We sneak out of the village, Irik helping cover the tracks of the group. We head to Cassius, which lays on the border on the forbidden forest. From Cassius we take a portal to Rodania, to take advantage of a growing movement against Segnus.

After arriving, Opus wonders about the relation between the passage of time and magical transportation.

Opus starts to investigate a protection racket in the city of Rodania and talk to a [[rodania-butcher: shop owner]] and convince him to inform us when the extortionist comes in and that we will confront them and we will talk some sense into them. We plan to overthrow the [[rodania-thieves-guild: thieves guild]] so that Irik can take control.

While we wait for the extortionists, we plan that Irik will sneak into the forest and find Segnus and set up a portal for the others to instantly get through and avoid detection.

Three thieves approach the butchers shop and one of them walks in. The butcher give the secret signal. We start attacking the were-rats (lychastranostra) when suddenly from nowhere a strange man appears screaming at Legion You will NOT destroy another world” and attacks him. Irik, in response knocks out the strange man. Opus intimidates one of the thieves attempting to run. Legion is stricken down by godly intervention.

A cleric named Eric appears and immediately confronts Legion about why Legion, who claims Eric is his best friend, tried to sell out a planet to Hadar. Eric got blown to the astral sea in an effort to stop him. Eric questions Legion on if he is still talking to Hadar. Legion claims not to be.

Legion informs Eric that he found another Iric, THE Iric.

Eric detects a bit of divine energy in Legion Legion shares the tale of how we defeated the false god [[false-pelor: Pelor]].

A strange wizard appears. He recognizes us as the fated heroes….and he is sad. Our bickering upsets him. He takes us all back to his tower to explore.

He asks the angel of Legion if he is the one with devil blood, Legion interjects that it is him, even though now he has lost that part of him. He is supposed to get the Ruby Rod. The thief is supposed to steal the heart of the shadowfell in order to repair heaven. Opus holds up Deicide and says “weapon…kill gods”

He is a scholar, who had been studying the signs and prophecies.
Legion, The Devil, is born of two heritages. He is fated to get the crystal ruby rod.

He claims to have been waiting centuries for us.

Legion is supposed to overthrow hell, get the ruby rod, and sacrifice his brother. Or his brother will sacrifice him…either way. The sacrifice is to kill Demigorgon. In order to overturn the demonic army that intends to invade the astral sea. Legion, or his brother, will lead the devils against the demons.

The astral sea is empty because the lattice of heaven was destroyed.
The false gods are pulling too much divine energy out of the astral sea, so we need to cut off that drain.

The killing of gods is incidental to our destiny, which is to restore heaven.

Opus is fated to find Kelmer, Kord’s sword, which has the power of the god of war and thunder.
Irik, is supposed to steal the center of the shadowfell, the source of all shadow magic. With that Irik can repair the lattice of heaven. Kelmer is needed to slay Ozmodeus.

Eric’s fate is unknown, he claims its to drink and spread the word of Soniver. The wizard informs him that he is the next Soniver. Soniver is a god, but is not immortal.

We control the seeds of existence.

The wizard asks where is the kobold, the one who will be a god. He is needed to kill Garl and become the god of the Kobolds.

Legion tells Eric that Irik and Thrasher are on Sigil. The wizard tells them that Legion can not enter Sigil. Legion admits that he was lying and that they are not on Sigil.

The wizards claims to have lived through the second dawn war, and waited…and waited…and waited.

Villain is the wizard’s name.

Villain does not enjoy conversing with Legion. He informs us that he can contact us as long as he knows what plane we are on.

We leave the tower for the thieves guild. The entrance we were told about was a fake, but luckily we find the thief and track him down in order to get the real entrance out of him.

We grab the thief and force him to take us into the thieves guild, with the promise that he will be made Irik’s proxy when he is not around.
Irik forces his way inside, taking out all oncomers with minimal effort and claims the guild, making them promise to try better and to no longer extort the butcher. Irik grabs the 11,000G in the safe, and demands the same for next week.

They take off, back to visit the wizard Villain. Legion inquires how he keeps his skin so smooth. Villain responds “Aloe Vera” and closes the door in his face. Legion, attempting to kick in Villains door, kicks it with such force that he breaks his leg and his hand falls off. He picks up his hand and hobbles back to Eric. Legion claims that brigands, highway men came from nowhere and massacred him.

Eric heals him, but detects no other creatures blood on him.

Eric heads back to Villain’s tower in search of a scroll of portal, but comes back with a corpse gate scroll instead. In payment, Villain requests his life back. And shuts the door after constant preaching from Eric about Soniver.

Irik runs off into the woods. Legion attempts to communicate with Irik using telekinesis. Legion does not have telekinesis, and also that would not have worked.

As soon as Irik has run out of earshot, a fire erupts in the middle of town and a Balor attacks Legion. Duriel has placed a bounty on Legion’s head, prompting this attack.

After constant demands, Eric finally gives in and allows the Balor to take Legion, meanwhile trying to prevent the Balor from moving. Legion runs and abandons his best friend, Eric. Eric, and Opus taking a quick glance for his friend, run away. As they run however, he realizes that the form they have been running towards is in fact Villain and that Legion has run in the opposite direction and that the Balor is now barreling down on him.

“Paul, are you back yet?”
“God I hate him”

Eric and Opus escaped from battle and Legion’s angel is defeated and eaten by the Balor while Legion lies dying. Realizes that the balor is leaving with his friend, Opus launches his axe with all of his might. and it misses. The Balor grabs Legion and takes him back to Duriel’s domain.

Legion is then subjected to unending and horrible torture.

Eric, lost on what to do, consults Villain. Eric asks if a Balor took Legion, would it be in a friendly manner. Villain says that it would not. Eric asks Villain to contact Caleb.

Chapter 5
Where stuff happened and it is lost forever

“We found our douchebag tiefling friend stuck in an iron maiden. We defeated an ooze lord and rescued Legion. The douchebag’s brother showed up and he was all like “goddammit, why’s my brother here” and “meh meh meh meh meh”. so his brother was like “do you want my help or do you want me to leave, because I can leave” and he’s like “no, please don’t leave” so then we fought some dudes that flew around and they were total pushovers and now we’re in here.”

Chapter 6
Legion’s revenge (carried out by Irik)

The spike trap that was the only thing that had ever harmed Irik came to life and was quickly nicknamed Sugar Lump.

We enter a city filled with decaying humanoids being tortured. Legion approaches one of them. He seems to be enjoying the torture a bit too much. He seems to enjoy studying the application of torture. We find a book made of flesh detailing all he has learned of torture. Irik pockets this at the behest of Eric.

“We’re not playing evil?”

We enter the presence of Duriel and with miniscule amount of banter, we throw down with the demon lord. Duriel boasts of his new divinity and two angels appear. This time, with a larger group and a unified attack against Duriel, this fight goes much faster. Surprising no one, Caleb slices off Duriel’s head and puts it into a bag. Legion agrees to be Irik’s manservant forever in exchange for Irik to grab the head from Caleb before he leaves. Irik sneaks up behind Caleb and without a trace, grabs Duriel’s head.

Feeling Deicide glow in his hand, Irik stabs the corpse of Duriel and absorbs his divine spark.

The insane masochist starts laughing and celebrating that he has learned everything he needed from Duriel about torture. Irik, still feeling the bloodlust of battle, slits his throat.

Chapter 7
Where players make bad decisions and waste time.

We portal back to Bel’s throne room, where we are greeted by Caleb, obviously distraught at the discovery that his prize was missing. Legion presents Duriel’s head to Bel. Bel, pleased, renews Legions infernal power and invites him to place Duriels head on the pillar of skulls. The skulls all turn to face Legion. They ask him if he serves the nine hells or if he serves the devils. They say that they are the nine hells. This astonishes Legion. They ask Legion to free them from the devil’s control. He responds “Hell yeah!” They ask if he understands his destiny. They tell him he is to rebuild the astral sea. They tell Legion that he needs to steal the ruby rod and overthrow the devils. Legion says that he will. Then he runs away.

We go to Legion’s estate where Dyshyr runs off to the brothel.. The rock guy feels a large portion of the living gate. Eric follows Dyshyr preaching Soniver to the used up Succubi, earning him 3 Succubi “escorts” for his god.

We then make plans to head to the feywild to bring back Dyshyr’s target. Legion informs the group that he has a portal to the feywild in his basement. He does not.

We head to Cassius. Then we head to the feywild.

We leave the eladrin city for Ghost Leaf Hallows, the cemetery where his target rests. We wait until dark to dig up the grave. Eric sees a familiar face that turns his face white and causes him flee and magically compel her to stay away. That night we dig up the grave of Dyshyr’s target and find only a few bones remaining. Eric notices that around 700 years have passed since she died. We cast speak with dead and learn that she was killed while eating by an assassin sent by Drow. Using last sight vision, we learn she was eating soup, before a large arcane explosion rocked the temple. Drow fill in and start killing priests before she notices the short sword through her chest.

Everyone was confused that she was not buried with her holy symbol. Irik was surprised that the only thing he was able to steal from her tomb was her holy symbol. Irik decided to share the holy symbol with Dyshyr.

Out of nowhere, a female vampire attacks Legion. She says “Sergio wants you dead” and slashes at his face. Dyshyr grabs her right before she turns to mist. Eric throws “holy water” at the mist causing her to reform. Irik grabs her holy symbol from her.

She yells “I’m coming Sergio” and lights herself on fire. Rock guy scoops up her ashes and we head to the Eladrin city. Dyshyr heads to the temple to investigate the raid. Eric investigates the unknown symbol Irik took from the Vampire. His research turns up nothing, however he does run into his friend the female ork. She tells him that it is the symbol of Sergio, the god of vampires. Irik steals a potion from her, not knowing how truly powerful it would be against Eric.

We consult the oracle and learn that Sergio is in the Shadowfell, somewhere near Gloomwrought.

We head to Gloomwrought and begin investigating Sergio. We learn that the he is in the “Tower of Unliving” and has holed up with a squadron of Sigil Zombies.

Rock guy and Legion take a portal back to Avernus. They appear before the pillar of skulls. The skulls ask Legion if they are to take Rock guy’s soul. Legion tells them no, but asks how to “do the whole usurp the Asmodeus thing”. The skulls tell him to either kill Asmodeus and steal the rod, or steal the rod and kill Asmodeus. Rock guy walks off on his own to the piece of the gate to go pick it up. He gets to a field where the pieces of the gate are located, and sees a mass of tentacles of aberrant energy.

The pillar of skulls says that “we are dying, that the plane is dying”. Their power is stretched too thin and they can’t defend against everything. The demons

Rock guy hears the whisperings of the far realm in his mind. He listens deeply to the whispers and allows them to fill him in. He feels that arcane power does not benefit him anymore, and decides psionic power is the true path. With his choice, the tentacles spread out and grow and take over more of the field.

Suddenly the voices Legion has been talking to changes. They offer to give him power. That Legion and the other can spread their word. Rock guy communicates telepathically and tells Legion that he should join him. The pillar says that we could kill Bel right now and you can take over. We will give you the power to kill Bel and rule Avernus. You will own all of Avernus and we can control all of Bator. Then we can go to the Astral Sea. Legion accepts the far realm influence. At the instant he accepts this power, the overwhelming presence of Hadar overwhelms him. Before his presence has been lost, for a split second, Legion regrets his decision.

Hadar is pleased with its new home.

While they are gone, Irik, Eric, and Dyshyr take over the Gloomwrought thieves guild.

Legion and Rock guy appear through a shimmering portal. Caleb appears through a portal, more like the infernal portals we are used to.

Caleb tries to convince the group that Legion and Rock guy are corrupted with far realm energy and are trying to overthrow Avernus.

Legion does a poor job convincing the group that Caleb is really the one on the far realm’s side. Caleb’s rebuttal rings true with Irik, that Legion has always been weak and needed greater power outside his own, and starts to move into flanking position.

Caleb starts the attack.

Rock guy delivers a speech that places doubt against Caleb for the rest of the group.

“A bear ent”

Irik kills Legion.

Dyshyr claims the divine spark from Legion

Rock guy admits that he had been lying about everything up to this point, and asks the group for help defeating Caleb and then he will explain everything.

Irik fails to knockout Rock guy but does steal something from his pack

In the meantime, the fleshy bits of legion’s body form together as aberrant tentacles reach up from the ground and surround him. Instead of Legion, what forms is a mass of otherworldly flesh.

Dyshyr knocks down Rock guy and Caleb delivers the final blow.

Caleb opens a portal to Avernus and everyone follows through. The group arrives at the city of Dis. When we arrived we saw that the devilish forces are forming up to defend their realm.

Legion and Rock guy reform in Avernus as aberrant beings.

“A dog just fucking farted in my face.”

Chapter 8
Where we helped the Devils defend Bator

Our DM does not eat vegetables.

Thog is stuck in his own mind, contemplating what fingernails are”

Terra – spends her time building sandcastles and being hired out as an explorer.

Daktar – has negotiated terms with Moradin to fight back the far realm

Caleb has teleported us to Dis, the second layer of hell. He informs us that he needs to prepare for the incoming invasion and tells us that he will be right back. Hours pass.

Terra found herself on Dis and has taken a defensive position against whatever may be coming.
Thog wakes up hungover in a tavern, and begins to steal drinks from the now vacant facility.

Irik and Eric notice that the Iron Tower, where Daktar is heading, seems to be where the forces seem to be marshaling. Eric asks Irik if there is a way in, only to discover Irik has already made his way there and entered.

Irik sees them planning the battle, and focuses on the devil with the largest mustache, cigar, and waistline.

Eric and Daktar attempt to walk in, but are stopped by a chain devil.

Eric notices a line where they are enchanting armor with a psychic resistance, but decides the lengthy contract MAY not be worth it and heads back to the door.

Irik, while snooping around inside, finds a MASSIVE stockpile of random armaments. He immediately begins reclaiming his lost possessions. Looking through them, he grabs four amulet of resist 30(they give resist 30 to everything, a ring of teleportation that allows you to teleport anywhere in the 9 hells while in the 9 hells, a “Last Resort” box, and residiuum crystals worth 100K.

Thog has been looking for a hidden room in the tavern where “the good stuff” is stored. Unable to find one, he starts punching into the bar to create one. Leaves. Finds an outhouse and enters to relieve himself. and realizes that he has lost some of his sanity. Something he never knew he had.(-5)

Terra heads towards the Iron Tower. As she gets closer, she feels her world closing in on her, but seems that it doesn’t really apply.

Eric, as he heads back to the line, sees the Orc woman who has always been the bane of his existence. He feels his sanity slipping away (-4)

With his hands full of looted treasure, Irik feels the eyes of everyone on him. (-5) He retreats to a pocket dimension that only he inhabits, but still feels the eyes on him.

Daktar realizes what happens and resists the attack. He now knows that an attack is incoming. He sees Eric panicking and approaches him to calm him down. It does not work, in fact, it only incites panic and distrust in Eric. Daktar presses his calming influence to calm him down and convince him of the mental attack. In appreciation Eric agrees to help Daktar in the defense and they head finally in. Iric beckons them into his pocket dimension.

Eric tells Irik that Daktar is a friend who helped him because his beer was about to be stolen. Irik is scared that all of the beer and shadows have been taken. Together, Daktar and Eric convince Irik that something is affecting him, and that he is not being watched. Daktar conveys the importance of mounting a defense against the far realm and asks them to help him convince the devils to accept us as allies in this fight.

Eric walks out and states “Hello generals. We are here to help”

The general with the biggest ‘stache and gut knows of Eric and his contributions on behalf of Bel. Eric introduces Daktar, his Far-Realm Consultant.

Daktar informs the generals that their soldiers need to be absolutely fearless, that the first wave will attack the minds of the people to bend them to far-realm masters. Then the aberrant creatures will invade and spread the blight of the far realm.

Just as the devils begin to about to form up, the world falls into chaos. After a day of reacting to various events, the generals ask the group to head out to an event and clear it up.

Thog, who had been running away in fear from the outhouse, who he felt was the source of the attack on his sanity, suddenly finds his urge to relieve himself returning. About to do so on the street, Terra directs him to an alley, away from the public areas.

The ground begins to erupt where Thog is relieving himself, and a fleshly crawling mass flows out and begins to cover the city. It begins crawling up his legs and he panics, running around, yelling at the invading source.

The rest of the group arrives to investigate and discover to crawling mass. Terra informs them that Thog has pee’ed it out. Eric demands Thog pull back what he brought on, causing the half orc to break down crying. Masses start to form up in the fungus, and Daktar informs us to move away as they seem about to explode. Eric attacks one of them, causing it to explode, which releases a group of tiny beholders.

Irik attacks one, killing it, which causes a reaction that invades his mind causing him to attack Eric (-3).

Suddenly a large beholder appears, spewing the aberrant materials over the ground.

Although the group has grand plans, many of the attacks do not land, or are delayed by the damage they are taking.

Eventually Irik manages to push the Beholder out, over the lava running through the middle of the street

Thog bravely slaps the beholder down into the lava killing him.

Triumphently, we return to the Iron Tower, only to find a giant tentacle growing from it. Actually it is growing to it, from the sky.

“it would have been 90 minutes trying to figure out where his character came in”

Chapter 9: We all love Robert
Where we negotiate saving a layer of hell and a player questions his sexuality

Our re-organized group, minus Thog and Terra, but joined by Daniver, recently killed and sent to hell.

As we approach the tower, it greets us and welcomes us in, opening a portal into it. Daniver bravely enters without giving it a second thought.

The group follows into the meeting room where we find a number of generals and others possessed by a series of tentacles growing from the ground. A number of other tentacles seem to be monitoring the room.

An eye appears from the ground, drawing Eric’s gaze. Disturbed by the otherwordly presence, Eric retreats towards [[Sgt. Bushy Stache]], the general we have met with before. As Eric approaches, the general picks up his weapon and throws it. Eric banishes him to another plane and we begin the attack on the tentacles.

As the battle continues, additional possessed characters are freed and join in the attack.

“I know, you don’t read before you married me”

“I have a man crush on Robert”
“That’s not the first time that has happened”

Daktar convinces Sgt. Bushy Stache to lead us to his lord and take credit for our defeat.

We “welcome” into our group Frost, a highly paid assassin and Vel Valu Von Blad, a Borovian vampire servant of Strod.

Frost, who previously asked the group if they had anything on them, informs them that she can be trusted, because she is a cleric.

We try to go up the tower, however the far realm influence causes us to continually walk and enter the same room.

Sgt. Bushy Stache tells us of another way, but only immortals can use it. Fortunately, most of the group is. So he leads us there. As we move through the city, Vel’s leg is engulfed in the far realm creep. After taking a few seconds to realize what was happening, Vel teleports out of the creep and he realizes that his leg has turned into a tentacle.

He leads us to a temple of Asmodeus. Inside is a replica of the ruby rod in which burns a purple flame. Sgt. Bushy Stache walks through. We discover that this will take us to where we need to go, however we will take damage, and any non-immortals will lose their soul and become bound to the nine hells. While the group tries to figure out a way for Frost, the only one at risk of losing their soul, to get through, she just walks through. Daniver teleports through his mindscape and the rest of the group follow through the plains.

Asmodeus calls Frost to him and offers her the first layer of hell in exchange for expelling the far realm from hell. Frost turns down the first layer and instead requests to be Asmodeus’s queen.

Daktar senses the far realm in Daniver, except that it is not influence as he has often detected, but it seems Daniver is controlling it. Daktar informs Eric that the Daniver may be dead, and that the far realm may be inhabiting his body. Eric is still confident that his friend is not yet lost, but Daktar does not share that belief.

As we enter into the room, we see Dispater pushing back the far realm influence by tapping into the power of the hells. He obviously intends to let loose this power and clear out the influence, but it would destroy the city. Everything outside of the circle Dispater occupies, including us.

Irik summons a Djinn from his ring and makes a deal to retrieve the Rod of Whirlwind in exhange for passage for the group from the second layer. He takes us to the city of Brass, right outside of Irik’s home. Irik enters and the rest of the party, minus Frost whose change in attitude and demeanor caused Irik to leave her behind in Diss, follows.

Frost, unable to get into Dispater’s circle of protection, makes contact with the Far Realm influence. A tiefling appears before her She offers her help and relationship with Asmodeus in exchange for help out of there. Instead the tiefling opens a portal to a wizards tower on the material plane and asks her to retrieve a wand of negation to take down the barrier and stop Dispater. Instead, free of the destruction of Dis, she runs out from the tower.

The group, while resting in Irik’s quarters in the city of Brass, decide to consult an oracle to investigate some of the things they learned and saw while on Dis.

“Did I ever get rid of my ruby red slippers?”

Daktar heads to the back room and makes contact with his brethren. He reports the news of the turmoil in the first and second layers and his experiences there. He suggests that his brothers align themselves with Caleb, the surviving prince of the first layer to push back the far realm influence. He gives them the Ruby Red Slippers that Eric took as a token to identify themselves as friends of Eric’s to Caleb when they meet him. They tell Daktar that his allies reek of the Far Realm. Daktar confirms that Vel’s leg can be saved, but Daniver is corrupted and that he knows he must be killed but is unwilling to lose his allies over making the decision.

In the other room, Eric attempts to heal Vel’s leg, but through a drastically botched surgery, Vel did not survive.

Eric tries to figure out if Daniver really has been corrupted as Daktar suggests. He asks if there is any way to find out if Daniver is just using the energy or being used by it. Daktar informs him that there is no way to know until it is too late, but that it is impossible to control the far realm. Eric still believes that his friend is in control and has seen nothing to contradict this belief.

Daktar also tells us that by losing Legion to the Far Realm, the Far Realm has learned everything that he knew, specifically that we possess a weapon capable of defeating deities and that it is also possible to build up new gods. Daniver, as having Far Realm power, is tapped into that same energy and is continually giving updated information to them, against his will, but it is still happening. He is a pawn and a slave to the Far Realm. Daktar says that Daniver must be destroyed and Eric refuses to allow it. Irik suggests we send Daniver to his home in Sigil where he can be isolated.

Daktar summons an angel of Kord. The angel accuses us of being enemies of the gods, since we possess Deicide, the Godslayer and have used it. Eric replies that our true goal is to return the true gods to their rightful place and restore the lattice. The angel asks if we think we have the power to do this and Eric responds that we are fated to do it. Eric says that we need Kelmer as part of this destiny. The angel laughs at suggesting we deprive Kord of his weapon. We ask if we can borrow it. The angel tasks us in defeating the king in the hidden forest. He needs to be eliminated. Also Thor and Ares. Those are false gods of war and they must not be allowed claim over that dominion. If we can do this, Kord will grant us Kelmer to use for our destiny.

Instead of fighting, Daktar wants to confront the gods on the dreamscape. The group decides that finding a god of sleep would allow a more balanced conflict, perhaps even tipping it into our favor. There are no gods that would help in this, but there are certain powerful arch-fey.

Daktar decides to investigate Deicide. It craves the death of gods. It was forged probably during the dawn war. It has severed the ties of many different immortal beings. Daktar is curious as to how it allows us to claim the divine spark instead of just absorbing it into itself.

Frost is in Cassius walking around the city, glad to be alive. Suddenly he hears the voice of the tiefling he talked to earlier in his head. It taunts her for walking from her agreement. She walks around the town looking for a wizard to remove the voices in her head. She hears of a strong wizard capable of such a feat. She finds him and upon opening the door, she greets him with a proclimation of “There are voices in my head” The wizard uses a truth circle to find out what exactly happened. Frost gives the short version of her recent deals. She says that she intends to follow through on her deal with Asmodeus but asks him to cut off the voices so she can slip out from them. The wizard tells her he can’t get her out of her hasty agreement, but he can block any voices from entering her mind. During a discussion, the wizard learns and informs Frost that long ago, when she was still in slavery, someone sold his(Frost was male before renegging on a deal and being sent to hell) soul. And that the only options for her to figure this out are to confront her parents and have them sacrifice something of greater value than herself or kill Lloth. Realizing that her parents are the ones who got he into this mess, she feels it might be easier to kill Lloth. The wizard tells her that he knows some guys with a god killing weapon who would be arriving shortly. He knows this because he is cursed because he needs to save the world but has been given the worse set of adventurers to accomplish this with. He casually informs Frost that there’s going to be a huge conflict of gods here in Cassius in 3 weeks. Frost goes to make some tea, the wizard tells her she doesn’t trust her enough to drink it.

Chapter 10
Where we learn we MAY have been the villains this whole time.

Daktar discovers that the sword is actually alive and has a will to destroy gods. That it takes in the power it draws from the destroyed gods into itself. Eric and Irik are convinced that this was the point, to store the divine power and then use that to restore the lattice. Eric suggests we go talk to the wizard.

Eric starts thinking of any trickster gods that may have a hand in the situation we find ourselves in.

We head to Cassius to meet again with our wizard. Daktar feels we may have been misled in our previous conflicts and that we MAY have been following a wrong course.

We knock on the wizard’s door and quickly Irik disguises himself as Legion. We are greeted by Frost in an apron. Eric asks how she got there and she claims that she is just amazing. Eric forcefully asks her to leave while they talk to the wizard since we don’t trust her. She claims that she is just there making tea and crumpets. He asks her more forcefully to leave and she runs and jumps out through a window.

Daktar greets the wizard and then walks a perimeter to try to detect the far realms energies around her. He detects Frost hiding on the roof and telepathically tells Irik. Irik runs up to the roof to try to find her.

Inside, Daktar summons a cone of silence so they may speak in private. Daktar inquires to the origin of the prophecy. The wizard suggests it comes from wherever it is that these things come from, but he seems to be hiding something. Daktar asks why he never questioned the origin on the prophecy he has spent his life researching. The wizard begins to look anxious. He flips over the table and grabs a sword from underneath and runs out the door.

Seeing this, Irk jumps off the roof and runs after him. Eric banishes him quickly giving the group a chance to catch up.

Frost yells out “TRUCE!”

The group surrounds where he was banished from and waits for him to reappear. Daktar tells him that we don’t mean him harm, but if he continues to elude us, we will have to assume he is our enemy. Eric recognizes that he is holding the [[:Sword of Kaas]]. Kas being Vecna’s former assistant who betrayed him. This leads Eric to believe that the wizard is actually Kas.

Kas says that he can no longer fight him. That his life has been forfeit for millennia. Irik sneaks up behind him and attacks him, causing Kas to turn into mist. Daktar banishes him again to give us a chance to consider what to do. When Kas returns, we press the attack. We seem to be able to keep him from attack us, while not fatally wounding him. That is, until Frost appears shoving a dagger into Kas’s throat. His body begins to burn in the sun, since he is a vampire. Daktar tries to move him into the shade, but his body has been aged far too much and having lost his sword since Frost grabbed it after slaying him, he continues to fall apart. Daktar tries to capture some of Kas’ memories into the soulsword, but it ends up taking all of him in.

Eric and Irik confront Frost to get back the Sword of Kas. She refuses to hand it over, but is willing to give it if we agree to help her. Irik refuses to even listen to her until she relinquishes the sword.


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