Fall of the Gods

Chapter 25
Where Goku and Piccolo learn to drive

1864 of the 3rd age, January 26th 0800

The group returns to the Citadel, and after a finally restful night’s sleep, the group decides to contact “The Lady of Light” or at least one of her angels. After creating a few offerings, one of her archangels appears before them.

Daktar negotiates with the angel to allow the group entrance to Hastavar in order to obtain the pieces of the living gate. The angel agrees, on the condition that we expel the cosmic squaters when we leave. Eric readily agrees as long as it would be a short mission, although Daktar is more hesitant. We also learn that the living gate is located within the sun.

Dyshyr notices that he has started to grow blond hair, not scales, but mammalian hair. He also finds himself dreaming of fjords.

The group travels to Hastavar and begins to explore the city. Daktar suggests that we start by heading to the palace of Pelor, while Dyshyr practices flying with his new hammer. Irik steals things. The city itself looks like the populous suddenly disappeared. There one second and gone the next.

Eric magically sends his voice out and demands that those who shouldn’t be here leave. At this Eric is attacked by a revenant who disappears into a cloud of smoke. Eric turns undead freezing him and pointing him out to the rest of the group. So everyone else stabs the guy.

Eric again finds himself being attacked, this time by a spell by a shadar-kai wizard atop a building. Irik loots the thundering rapier and +4 leather armor from the corpse, the corpse. As we continue on we come across a [[:potted plant]]. It makes Eric very nervous. Dyshyr knocks it over and uses his acid breath on it.

We come across a halfling who seems to have forgotten his name. He was apparently with the group that invaded but holds no loyalty to them. They promised him riches but never really came through.

We continue deeper into the city. Eric is suddenly cursed by a Content Not Found: old-paul-guy_. The hexblade takes the offer to leave peacefully and walks away. We then bump into a Content Not Found: another-paul_ who Irik kills and a Content Not Found: more-paul who Eric kills.

We enter the temple of _____ and pass a message scrawled about someone named Big Noodle. We come across three statues of Arathis, Ioun, and the Lady of Light. We enter through the walk way and feel a burning in our souls, and although it hurts, we feel that our sins against Pelor have been forgiven. As a result of approaching the sun, Eric and Iric are blinded.

The group enters a large cathedral, so large it could hold over 10,000 people. At the back is a spiral staircase. Eric attempts to blindly cartwheel up the stairs.

At this time, Irik receives a prayer that mostly consists of “oh please help me please – “

Daktar heads up first and is questioned on Ioun’s tenants. Eric attempts to follow, but fails and ends up being turned around. Dyshyr makes it up. Eric makes it up on his second try. Irik who was blind and refused to make his presence known, hobbles up the stairs.

The group finds itself in the middle of the sun. We debate using this sun, the heart of life/light, to destroy Deicide, however we decide to wait.

Time freezes and Daktar’s people show up and reclaim the living gate and give him vials for his companions to drink before they enter the far realm. Then they leave and time resumes.

Daktar tells the group about the vials that drinking them will protect our bodies in the far realm.

The group then heads back. As they head back, they find out that the people who were there were sent there by a wizard to recover the four dawn stars, powerful radiant objects.

Daktar heads off to Zerthabulabablalabala, or the fortress of Zerthaman. The efforts of the gith army have been going slowly but more and more gith brethren have been joining and begun the training.

Daktar contacts Kas and asks him if he were to give Kas a chance to destroy Vecna, would he risk everything for it, which Kas agrees to.

The rest of the group drops off the people they found in Cassius.

Irik returns to his thieves guild and finds that everyone there had been slaughtered and an altar to Zehir constructed in place of his own.

The rest of the group research defenses against the inevitable mental attacks they will face in the far realm.

Irik gives the fallen guild members a formal and respectful burial, as a fallen priest of the church of Irik would deserve.

Irik discovers many new churches in Rodania. Several churches to Frank; several to the King Renderall; one to a Sex Goddess; and a few to Zehir.

Irik first investigates the church of Zehir. Inside he mostly just finds townspeople praying to the snake god to send snakes to kill the rats in town. While remaining hidden, Irik begins knocking things over, frightening the townspeople and making the priest uneasy. Irik steals the priests change purse and throws it to the crowd. He then proceeds to kill the priest. Irik leaves one of his feathers with the corpse and leaves to meet with the succubus goddess Malkanthith.

When he enters he is greeted by a…member of the church…of the big goddess who is on dream weed. He takes Irik into the back room. Irik asks to speak to the person in charge and learns that this sad individual is the one who started the church. He leaves a message that he was there. The “priest” asks for a donation, and although Irik is compelled to end the life of this most annoying priest, he instead knocks him out and ties him down, leaving him as an offering to Malkanthith. As he leaves, he is accosted by children proclaiming the joy of Kris Kringle. Irik instead runs around yelling at children that he does not actually exist and that it is actually their parents that deliver them gifts. The children of Rodania are despondent.

Daktar gives an offering to Avandra and asks for her forgiveness for what he is about to do. The angel of Avandra is unable to grant this. He then asks for the protection of the lady. The angel is unable to grant this. He then asks her to keep something safe for him. She refuses to take the sword with Kass because if she were to take it, he would be freed. He then gets in touch with Eric and tells him that Vecna has taken the dawn stars, which he can use to destroy several of the great gods, which he can use at any time as soon as he knows that we know. He asks Eric to get some of Moradin’s most powerful assistants to fight Vecna and steal back the Dawn Stars. When Eric asks for more information, Daktar is unable to give him any more info. Eric goes to Moradin and explains the Vecna plans to use the Dawn Stars like Death Stars and asks him to send someone after it. Moradin agrees to send Clagdin.

“F——-ing Pelor” – Moradin

Daktar travels to Minerus to meet with Caleb in the City of Chains. Daktar asks Caleb to setup a meeting with Asmodeus about his intention for the planes. He also asks Caleb for 12 of his best devils to be under his command. Caleb agrees on the condition that Daktar delivers Asmodeus’ head. Daktar then sends them off with order to reclaim the Dawn Stars from Vecna. Next he makes an offering to Kord and Cassius appears. He informs Cassius that Segmus has fallen and that Vecna has the Dawn Stars and asks Kord to act accordingly. He also tells him about the waters from the river Lithe. Cassius questions Daktar’s motivations if he travels someone who has falsely claimed the title of a god of war. Cassius suggests that perhaps he should take up Mjolnir.

The group contact Caleb to discuss the contract. Before they get the chance to inspect the contract, time freezes and Daktar’s handlers appear. They take the contract from Caleb’s hands and replace it with a different contract, one that will use the infernal energy of the contract to restore the groups souls to another point when the far realm is destroyed. Our bodies will be destroyed when the far realm is and a way is needed to bring us back. Daktar agrees to act as if he is persuaded by Caleb. Time resumes and Caleb explains that the contract will keep our souls so that if we fail or fall, the far realm will not be able to control us. Daktar agrees to sign if Caleb drinks his vial. Eric begins reading the contract to make sure that there is a clear way to exit from it. Although he barely understands it, he feels that it should be fine and signs. Dyshyr also signs. Irik follows suit.

As we ready to go to the Far Realm, our bodies fall limp as our souls leave our bodies, an Elan gathers our souls and brings us to a crystalin tower and places it into a chamber. Our bodies reform but with shards of the living gate imbued. They then restore our souls into the new bodies and the bodies are placed on the living gate. We then awake, with the impression that we simply were teleported here. The party makes note of the shards jutting from our skin. Eric is upset that he was not told his face would be marred.

“May good ale follow you wherever you go and Geronimo!” – prayer of Soniver

Eric offers a prayer and then jumps through, followed by Irik, Caleb, and Dyshyr and Daktar.

As we go through, we feel at once connected to the greatest source of intelligence. The knowledge and feeling of omnipotence overwhelms us.

Eric attempts to create a magical traveling circle to keep aberrant creatures out, but it doesn’t work.

Chapter 24
Where Garl Glittergold steals our kill and Eric makes false amends

1864 of the 3rd age, January 25th 0800

As the group sleeps, Segmus Hartrider pulls us into the a forest in the dreamscape. As Daktar splits the forest, we see the aryan splendor that is Segmus, and are greeted by the look of amazement and shock that we seem to have control here. As Segmus charges at us, Eric turns the forest into a bar and sees the reflection of Garl Glittergold in his sword. Eric taunts Segmus that he and Garl are nothing compared to Soniver. Daktar deflects his attack and attempts to shatter his sword. From the reflection of the bottles in the bar, Garl steps out and shoots Segmus. Irik loots Segmus’ corpse.

At that, Garl disappears back into the reflections and the dream ends.

Eric and Daktar head to Rodania to locate the lady and discover the town being almost entirely renovated, a massive task funded by [[Irik’s thieves guild]] funneled through a shadow government setup to bring in a higher class of citizen in order to have better things to steal.

The lady is currently in the graveyard. In the graveyard, they find the tomb of Queen Estella, who passed away long ago after setting down the rules of etiquette for high society. Eric, keeping with the spirit set down by Soniver and the Erics before, and above the name on her tomb, begins to write “For a good time call,,,”

As he begins to desecrate the statue, the knight of Estella rides up. He is Sir Reginald, Exarch of Queen Estella and seems ready to punish Eric for his new indiscretion. Daktar strongly wishes to speak for Eric, however Eric proclaims that the actions he is being accused of are part of the etiquette of his own god. That his god allows forgiveness and is tolerant of the etiquette of other gods and does not violently persecute those who disagree, especially those who only want to live a life enjoying the pleasures of a common life. That although they may disagree on what is considered good etiquette, they do agree on protecting good in the world. Eric is given the option of being banished from Rodania in exchange for the charges being dropped, to which he agrees, of course that being something he has no real intention of following.

Irik, appears and learns of the events that have occurred. In response, Irik, as leader of the Rodanian shadow government, declares that he shall have passed a motion to celebrate Soniver Day. A day dedicated to praising the good works done by Soniver and his sole cleric in the world, Eric McJerick.

After returning back to the Citadel, a loud knocking once again shatters into Eric’s mind. At the door is a dwarf, dressed in green, ferrying a wooden crate with a dolly. He claims that it is from Moradin.

bq). -What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX ?!

Inside is a set of gleaming God Plate armor, which Eric excitedly spends the next 6 hours putting on.

Eric want to go say thank you, so Irik and Dyshyr go along.

Eric is reaffirmed that plunging Deicide into the heart of light will destroy it. Don’t trust the elf, he has already turned over to the fey. The hearts are keys into the planes of positive and negative energy. We need a container for the energy, like the Terask….OR….have perfect timing. Arathis knows more. Any answer the oracle give us from now on, is from Vecna.

Dyshyr find himself in the forges. He walks up to a Dwarf, taps him on the soldier, is handed a hammer, and starts working on an anvil. A dwarf drops off a bunch of metal and works it for the next 12 hours. In the end, he ends up with an incredibly strong piece of armor. It has an…..earthy…look to it compared to Eric’s armor.

Irik also is somewhere in the forges. He talks briefly with Moradin about his funneling the wealth of Tiamat’s horde into the community. Moradin also tells Irik that it is very possible that he will die in course of completing the tasks he is working towards.

While the rest of the group is out, Daktar arranges to meet with Caleb in Sigil in order to vet him. Since Asmodeus put him in charge of the first level, if he does not complete the mission, he will die. Daktar continues to push Caleb about his desires and motivations.

Chapter 23:
Where a real god dies and we argue a bunch

1864 of the 3rd age, January 24th 0800

Much debating occurs on the way back into town about whether the Hammer of Thor should be returned to Thor or Kord or whether Dyshyr should keep it and kill Thor to claim his divine spark.

Daktar is strongly against keeping Mjolnir and believes they should uphold the agreement with Kord and bring the power to him. Dyshyr just wants to keep the power. Eric feels that the sacrifice should be made of Thor. That since this party is attempting to repair the lattice to restore balance, using the power of an aspect of a god to achieve those means is preferred against not. Gaylord, as the newest member of the party, seems to be following whatever is the popular opinion at the moment. Irik has been strangely silent through the argument.

Suddenly time freezes as Daktar’s handler arrives to tell him that the [[:silver sword of gith | Silver Sword]] is in Tiamat’s horde in Cordanov, behind the Dragon Gate. Gith will be attacking soon, so time is of the essence. There is also a good amount of the living gate in Pelor’s possession in his city, and that in Daktar’s party exists one of the only people capable of entering the realm, by directing the Citadel. Those pieces of the living gate should protect the group from Far Realm influence.

Time resumes and Eric finishes his argument. Resistant, Daktar agrees to allow Dyshyr to hold on to Mjolnir as long as he is joining them on their adventure to the Far Realm. Daktar also entices the group to help him acquire his sword by tempting him with the rest of the horde. Dyshyr is eager to return to his homeland.

bq). -Speaking of murder…Irik…are you there?

Elsewhere, half of [[Irik’s thieves guild]] lays dead while the other are bowing and offering their allegiance to their Dark Lord.

At this time the group has returned to Cassius and consult an oracle to find out what caused Thor to lose his mind. They learn that it was from exposure to the river Lithe that caused it, thus verifying that Caleb’s test was successful.

bq). -I don’t just let people take my bums

Eric tries to convince the cleric at the temple to release Thor, but has a difficult time. He tries to explain that he is a worshipper of Soniver, who got drunk and wondered off. Upon leaving Eric invites all of the bums to follow them to Soniver’s church.

The argument continues over allowing Thor to recover on his own or being killed to claim his divinity. Once again, the argument is laid to rest for the moment…

The group takes the Citadel to Forgehome and finds that it has it’s own allocated spot.

bq). -The ale cart is the Dwarven milk man.

From there we teleport to Deep Scale where we find that the Dragonborn are forming an army. Eric tries unsuccessfully to communicate with them, luckily Dyshyr recognizes the soldier and greets him. They are forming up a defense in case the battle falls back this way.

As the group walks out the gate, squadrons of planar skiffs are battling legions of dragons in the night sky. In order to get through the fray, Daktar calls in his favor from the Queen of Masks in order to disguise the party as they run through the battle to get to the mountain. The masks make the wearer look like members of the army looking at them.

bq). -It’s nice that you hung on up Paul
bq). -Oh I should invite him back in!

As we enter the cave, we make our way through until we approach the hoard. As we try to walk past the guards with attracting attention, Irik trips and reveals himself, Gaylord attracts their attention as does Dyshyr.

As we realize that we need to prepare for battle, Belrath, the high exarch of Tiamat takes her dragon form and springs into attack form. Instantly, Daktar dominates her, which she immediately shakes off. She unleashes a powerful attack. During the fight, Rashep, the blue dragon enters the combat.

bq). -Everything’s better with Paul gone

We fight some more and then the cave roof falls in and Tiamat falls through.

bq). -There is no conceivable reason not to do that
bq). -But this is funnier

Eric attempted, but failed to dominate Tiamat. Instead, the group banishes Tiamat and Belrath. Seizing the opportunity, Irik runs off towards the hoard to grab the Silver Sword of Gith.

As the battle comes to a close, with Belrath and Tiamat weakening, Gith drops in, carrying a copy of the weapon used to kill Io. As she falls she slices cleanly through Tiamats head.

Irik runs up the stairs, finds the hoard, immediately sees the sword and grabs is. As he starts to head back out, he takes another look at the horde, runs back and makes a quick appraisal and grabs all of the best stuff.

As Irik runs out past the scene of Gith and Belrath destroying Tiamat, Gith turns on Rashep to betray him, however Rashep pulls out the [[:Staff of Oppression]] to force him back. Sickened by the assault on one of his people, Daktar returns to the fray in an attempt to destroy the Staff.

Daktar finally manages to grab and upper hand and begins to threaten death upon Rahsep who agrees to relinquish the staff once Gith has been defeated. Eric agrees, grabs Daktar and forcibly drags him out of the cave. They return to the citadel and recoup.

Dyshyr introduces Eric to Drakof, whom Eric calls Jackof. and informs him that his army of 500 mercenary dragonborn are there to serve as guards for the Citadel.

In the morning, Dyshyr begins working in the citadel to make sure the Dragonborn armies are settled, Irik goes off to take care of some plans, and Daktar goes off to his people to speak and motivate them.

Daktar goes to ______ and delivers a rousing speech:
Following this he leaves Kas the sword in the hands of his trusted soldiers, afraid to risk exposing it to the effects of the Far Realm.

Eric decides to confront the lady now in an attempt to clear the air and prevent his duel.

Chapter 22
Where we defeat Frank, the god of thunder

1864 of the 3rd age, January 23nd 0800

The moment we land, Daktar bolts out the door, running at full speed to get to Mjolnir, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. He heads out on his horse as the group follows behind him.

As we run through the city, we pass the Magnum Opus Institute.

As Daktar asks about the weapon, the townspeople inform him that a former guard has it. He is now Frank, the god of thunder. He spent all of last night bringing down lightning in the forest. Currently he and a small army are marching through the Forbidden Forest to take on Segmus.

Daktar decides that they should find Thor and get him taken care of. They learn that the church of Arathis has taken him in thinking him a vagabond. When they enter, it appears to be a large soup kitchen. Eric gets behind the counter and cooks food using his wok and fills their mugs with ale.

Daktar identifies a man matching Thor’s description. He and Eric approach and try to talk to him, but he does not respond to his name. Daktar sits down to talk to him, telepathically, and discovers his mind is empty.

Daktar intends to reunite Thor with his hammer to see if that makes him whole. Dyshyr instead makes his intention known to claim the hammer, kill Thor, and absorb his spark of divinity.

Eric learns that Frank is a good guy, well liked by the city. Recently his wife left him for an Elf.

In the meantime, Irik has left the group behind and headed out into the forest after Frank. However, unable to locate Frank, he spent hours searching and eventually just ended up joining the group when they made it out there.

Suddenly a group of town guards come out of the woods and command us to stand down and step aside.

Eric tries to convince them that the are unprepared for the coming battle and Daktar tells them that they are messengers of the gods and are there to help them and request an audience with Frank.

One of the guards summons Frank, god of thunder. He won’t hear of any other gods and proves his might by attacking Eric.

At this time, Irik springs his attack knocking out Frank and grabbing Mjolnir.

Daktar command the guards to stand down and allow the gods to settle this.

Everyone fights

Soniver of a bitch

I didn’t know you could fly.
I hardly ever do it.

We kill everyone and Dyshyr takes Mjolnir.

The group argues the intention of repairing the lattice to restore the status quo vs greedily collecting all power that we can.

As we head back to town we see Caleb. He tells us that he is holding back the tide on the first level. He is flanked by a pair of hell hounds. Eric identifies them as some of the Alpha breed, that they are gifted by Asmodeus. His armor identifies him as the ruler of the 1st layer. He asks for our help. He says that he has a weapon that will defeat the Far Realm and keep them at bay across all of existence. It is water from the river Layithe. Caleb tells us that it will destroy the Over Mind, erasing everything. It would not destroy the Far Realm, but leave them as unconnected, mindless beings, easily defeated. Daktar asks to see the vial of water in order to verify Caleb’s claim.

Daktar communicates with his order and learns that the plan is sound, but that Caleb has spent a long time near the source of the Far Realm’s power.

Eric takes Frank’s wedding ring.

Chapter 21
Where we meet with the reflection of an Arch-Fey god and get a tiny bit of information

A lone knight approaches the citadel. He has come seeking the word of Soniver. He introduces himself to Daktar as Gaylord Twittly. Daktar regrets to inform him, that Eric is away, but that Eric left someone else in charge and not him. A chicken. Daktar does not know his name.

But he will be back shortly.

And with that the rest of the group arrives. We are greeted by an enthusatic Gaylord. Gaylord informs Eric that he was told by Soniver to assist and protect him. Eric is resistant to allowing another member into his church with a connection to Soniver.

With that we prepare for bed and to meet with Corellon.

Daktar asks Eric if he wants to setup a failsafe that would allow us to summon him if necessary, Eric feels that it would be better not to risk upsetting Corellon.

Eric meditates and talks to Soniver and learns that Gaylord was sent to learn and grow at Eric’s hands.

With that the group enters sleep, but before that Eric turns the citadel into a waterpark with waterslides and waterbeds….for a second before it turns into a safe house.

Except for Daktar, we all wake up in a forest. Eventually the tress part and we follow a path to a grotto with a fountain. Eric looks into the fountain and discovers that whatever we think of appears.

Eventually Corellon appears and informs us that he will never aid us while we possess Deicide. He agrees to give us his piece once we have collected the others. He is unable to connect us with Sehanine.

Mab has aligned herself with mortals in the past but Titania would be very resistant to helping us as the summer court has been tricked before. He also informs us that we must collect the pieces in order.

Spring => Summer => Fall => Winter =>Spring

Dyshyr asks where the spirit of Aliza is, and where she was being brought and learns that she was on the way to the realm of Corellon in the Feywild.

We tell Corellon that Lloth is located on the material plane, and ask if we run into trouble with her if he will help. He offers us an army to use against her.

Daktar asks if the meeting is over so that he can explore the realm of dreams. Corellon tells him that his is not allowed here. No mortal is allowed here because it is too great a source of power.

As the group fades out, Eric finds himself at the Masquerade ball. Inside he grabs a mask, drinks a drink to Soniver, finds the queen and asks if this is like the first dream or the second dream.

She brings information about a new player that may be worthy of attention. Suddenly they are in Rodania and see a weakened and despondent Thor. As he enters the city, he allows Mjolnir to slide from his hand and continues walking on. He looks like his mind has been wiped. She tells him that this happened last night. Eric asks what did that to his mind.

When Eric wakes up, he informs the group about what he saw and we head to Rodania.

We mentioned Krull.

Chapter 20
Where we learn of the splendor of Mirf

We head down the Kings Highway and come upon the half dwarven city. Outside are two enormous statues. One of Moradin and one of Mirf, the Svirfneblin version of Moradin.

Inside are a number of clockwork statues, surrounded by an army of Svifneblin. As we are talking, a red carpet unfurls and rolls out in front of us. We walk down and Dyshyr inquires about the location of the Drow city. He also learns that Lloth may be there because no search parties have left the city recently. We learn that there have been a number of Githyanki in the drow city, and that the artifact that Dyshyr is searching for may be there. As we prepare to leave Dyshyr compliments their Mirf statue, which prompts of respons of “Yes, our Mirf “statue””. He asks what the half dwarf means by that, and is told it must be an error with the translator. He asks if that is actually the god Mirf outside, and they wish him farewell.

The half dwarves also have heard of Soniver, and invite Eric to open a church of Soniver there.

As we exit, Eric and Dyshyr attempt to communicate with the Mirf statue. Eric learns that Mirf is the god of invention, engineering, and statues and is the patron god of the Svifneblin.

As long as there have been statues, there has been Mirf.

Eric implores the statue of Mirf for assistance.

“Mirf, my name is Eric McJerick. You should help us. If you change your mind, you know
how to contact us”

Eric also asks for some replacement statues for the Citadel.

Chapter 19
Where we travel to a city of secrets and take our own damn boat across

We see an island with a settlement on it. We approach a dock with a lantern on it.

My attention span is not that long…I have ADHD&D.

Suddenly Eric appears next to Dyshyr. Eric knows that he could use the red stones to locate Torog. As it is his blood.

The ferrywoman is an Incunabula, who are ardent followers of Vecna. She tells us that the price of a trip is a secret and that to find out if there are half dwarves across the river, it would cost 2 secrets. We come to the conclusion that it is the City of Glimmer, where secrets can be bought and sold.

Dyshyr tells the ferrywoman that he does not think the ale in the Citadel of the Moon is not good. That allows him to cross. Irik tells her that he has stolen her coin purse and boards the boat. Inside the purse he finds 5 secrets one of which being that.
2. He also learns of a wizard who is cheating on his wife with a succubus.
3. Giles is having anal with …. (Thank you Cyphers for not providing anything)
4. Bob is secretly stealing money from his boss, who is also his wife, and placing it into a joint account. He is not a smart man.
5. Thrasher claims to have godhood, but has not yet.

Eric boards his feather boat and crosses over.

Once in the city, we start thinking of different secrets that we want to discover.

Dyshyr looks for the location of the Drow city and the location of his artifact. The location of the Drow City would be a moderate secret, one that would cause him harm if it got out. But the location of the half dwarves is only a minor secret. Dyshyr reveals that he actually thought Legion was a cool guy, until he turned to the Far Realm. For this he is told how far down the Kings Highway they are located.

To learn Aliza’s location, it would cost him 3 souls OR two souls if one is a child.

The location of Thrasher is one Major secret, something that could undo Eric. After learning that these are servants of Vecna, Eric jumps back on his boat.

Irik stole one very important secret, that the heart of the Shadowfell is an actual heart.

With that, we leave the city.

Chapter 18
Where we call a girl a make a date for the next night (Session 10)

1864 of the 3rd age, January 20th. 0730

We wake up and decide to go find Corellon. Irik finds in his pocket a note from the Trinket Lord that an oracle has gone missing, and that it seems Vecna is responsible.

We discuss how to get in touch with Corellon. Irik is resistant to talking to an angel or servant of the god, because he is afraid to communicate through a mediator. He wants as few people to know of their plans as possible. He would rather go find Corellon and talk in person. Dyshyr gives Daktar the money for the ritual, so we end up contacting an angel. To attract the angel, Daktar acquires a self propelled arcane orchestra. Irik and Dyshyr make macaroni art.

An elven looking angel appears and Irik greets her and requests to speak to her god. She is weary of dealing with an agent of death. Irik promises that he means no harm to them. She asks how she can be sure. Daktar suggests that they meet in the City of Dreams. Daktar will send an aspect of himself inside Irik, so that he does not have an advantage there. We agree to meet there the next night.

I hate it when my schwartz gets twisted

The angel takes the offering and leaves.

Since we have nothing to do, we go to sleep and prepare for the next day. As the group rests, Daktar discusses matters with Kas. He learns that the vampire army being recruited by Sergio were told to meet at the City of Blood. Daktar then limits his power, thereby cutting off Kaas’ influence.

Fight a god and his army? If we have 4 people we could probably do, but not with 3.

1864 of the 3rd age, January 22nd 1745

Dyshyr goes to Cordanov to look for this lost bretheren. Along the way he describes the great continent. Dragon Gate is the Northern outpost, so named because the dragons control the north and this outpost keeps them at bay. To the South, is Cordo, the capital city. It is a large posh city. To the southwest of Cordo is a port city which is the main portal to the other continents. Deep Scale is the dwarven city in the mountains, and is often under siege by Drow. The Drow city is Arulz…….something….No one knows how to pronounce it, but the Dwarves and Dragonborn call it Shit City….as it is where all of the shit from Dragon’s Gate is dumped.

Dyshyr misses Old Scale Schmukers, although he finds out that his son, Young Scale Schmukers has taken over the tavern.

Recently the Adamantine Gate, made of Dragonsteel, has been constructed, effectively preventing much conflict.

Dyshyr asks Daktar to teleport him down there and Irik decides to go with him.

We find ourselves in the Underdark and begin searching for the Half-Dwarves, aka Svirfneblin. Dyshyr finds a tunnel filled with red stones. Neither Irik nor Dyshyr know what they are. Dyshyr realizes that there may be some divine property and makes a note to ask Eric about it later.

Chapter 17
Where we meet Irik’s mentor and learn some more stuff

Irik asks Daktar to take a look at the pocketwatch and he identifies it as a compass, that when in the feywild. Daktar uses an item reading ritual and sees that it comes from a giant pile of junk, that it was made by a fox, that it comes from a fox, that to use it…you use a fox, and that the location of the fox…is the giant pile of junk. He tells this to the group. Irik realizes where it came from and prepares.

Dyshyr finds himself back on the wagon with Aliza. The arrive at the temple. Dyshyr follows Aliza into the convent, but she informs him that he is not allowed in since he is not a priest. He heads off to find temple security to warn them of the impending drow attack. He wanders up to the guard and explains what is happening. When the guard reaches for a weapon, Dyshyr realizes what is happening and grabs him. He runs to the temple and demands they open up. A priestess opens the door. Dyshyr demands to see Aliza and the dark skinned elven priestess informs Dyshyr that she is in the middle of a prayer. He tells her that Aliza is in danger and she informs him that Aliza is already with her queen. Hearing this, Dyshyr forces his way into the chambers and sees Aliza being bled out as part of some ritual or ceremony. He rushes to her side. He uses his armor to heal her and breathes acid on the drow priests. He grabs her and the run out to the wagon. He explains what happens and they make a run for the temple of Bahamut. When they stop for the night, she seems to glow with a radiant light and claims to be cold. She informs Dyshyr that she is the daughter of Lloth and Corellon and that she needs to get to the temple of Corellon at the heart of the feywild. She says that it is too late, that the only thing he can do is hold her while she dies. and she does.

He comes back.

Dyshyr gets a little existential in his explanation, but Eric still has the memory gleamed from her corpse of her dying from soup and doesn’t think that Dyshyr’s trips are actually doing anything. Eric now has a goatee though which Dyshyr does not remember him having before.

Irik insists that they go to the feywild and they see that the clock has slowed down. Dyshyr thinks that it slows down when we get closer to our destination. As we head west, it gets slower, but it always tells the correct time. When Eric holds the watch, it goes backwards…again. We continue west until it gets dark.

We go to the Citadel to sleep for the night, and since Eric was thinking of the Planar chicken that was riding on his head, everything is made of straw and formed as a nest.

Eric dreams again of the Queen of Masks. This time it was only a dream. A dirty dream.

1864 of the 3rd age, January 19th. 0800

We return to the feywild and continue for about 6 hours, we notice that it starts to speed up. We head back to where it was at it’s slowest and then head north. Eventually the watch stops when we enter a beautiful grove with a well. At this point the chain is only a few inches. Not seeing anything else in the grove, the group begins to investigate. Eric drops a rock and it takes about 5 seconds until he hears a splash. Factoring the rate of acceleration at 9.86 the group begins to calculate the distance and Daktar simply jumps down. He finds himself at the bottom of a well. Even with a light, which barely cuts through the darkness, he can only see the walls of the well. Eric ties off all of the rope he has, 150ft, ties it off on a tree and climbs down.. When he reaches the bottom of the rope, he pulls on it and it falls down. He is alone in the well. Dyshyr pulls on the rope and it comes up without Eric. Irik holds the watch over the well and the chain seems to expand out and drops it down the well. Eventually, it seems to grow taught. Dyshyr starts to climb down. After he reaches a few feet down, gravity seems to reverse and he begins to start climbing back up. When he reaches the top of the well again, he finds himself in a hovel filled with piles of junk. He pulls on the chain and Irik follows down.

Eric swims to the bottom of the well and discovers the it bells out on the bottom. Finding nothing, he swims back up. Daktar uses his climbing bracers and climbs back up, finding his way stopped by a large plastic wall.

Dyshyr calls out “Here foxy foxy foxy” and wanders around looking at stuff. Irik just sits there and waits as Dyshyr looks through stuff and calls out to the fox. He finds a pocket color tv, an industrial powered rock saw, a thought cap, a gas grill, and a podium with a microphone.

After about 20 minutes, Irik sees a fox, and tells him that he doesn’t need to look like that. He turns into a gnome and Irik greets him as master. He throws two beakers to Irik and says that his friends seem to have been lost. Irik puts them aside. Irik says that he needs to find the light. “And the darkness” his master says, “but which would be easier to steal?”. That there are four pieces of the light, two of which are with the Summer and Winter queens, and the other two he does not know where they are.

Dyshyr asks where Aliza is, but he tells him that Dyshyr found her and that her soul was taken eons ago. Lloth had sacrificed her then. Her soul had escape from Lloth and that was what he was escorting 500 years ago. The Trinket Lord tells Dyshyr that the light could be used to sustain her and allow her to pass over. Irik asks what else they could be used for and TL informs him that they hold saw over the seasons.

Irik decides to let out his companions in order to get their perspective on things. Eric asks if he saved Irik and Irik tells him that he did. That makes Eric happy. Dyshyr wonders why Irik would inflate Eric’s ego that way.

Autumn belongs to Sehanine and Spring belongs to Corelon. Spring symbolizes rebirth, which gives Dyshyr the idea to use it on Aliza to re-born her.

Irik asks TL if he knows what the actual procedure is to fix the lattice. He does not know.

He does not know who Daktar is…and does not care.

Eric asks TL is he has seen his warforged. His head is believed to be there, though.

The group has a brief discussion on the sexual habits of the gods.

Eric finds his wok.

Irik asks TL where the Rod of Whirlwind is, and is told Gloomsomething, city of rain

Eric begins digging around for the Eye of Legion, but is unable to find it.

Chapter 16
Where we go to defeat Gith and have a conversation instead

Daktar emerges from the meditation chamber, ready to confront his destiny, however it may play out.

The citadel suddenly transformed into a structure made entirely of ice and crystals…and ice crystals.

Since the citadel is unsecured, we leave it there and portal to the astral sea. We find ourselves on a city built on the remains of a giant deceased god. Daktar sends out a mental proclamation that he is there.

Time freezes and Gith comes before him. She questions him on whether he has returned to unite the people. He simply states that he has returned. He says that there can not be two skies. Daktar says that he is ready to end this and that it is time for his people to reunify and for Gith to end her conquest. Daktar acknowledges the great things that Gith has done, but that there is no need for their people to become corrupted with her goals of conquest. Disappointed with Daktar’s defiance, she informs him that their armies will soon meet. Daktar refuses to lose more lives and challenges her to single combat. Gith questions why, in all this time, Daktar has done nothing to free their people. He has not defeated the far realm influence, or any of the other threats to the gith people. Daktar tries to convince her that their peoples should be reunited to defend against threats, but that it should go no further. At this, she turns her back and walks away. He yells after her that he will be waiting for her to come around and reunite their people in peace and she disappears.

As Daktar returns to time, he tells the group that negotiations did not go well.

“You should belive in yourself…just…wait until you are the right level”

Now that the gith peoples are at war, the group runs away to continue their missions.


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