Fall of the Gods

Chapter 25

Where Goku and Piccolo learn to drive

1864 of the 3rd age, January 26th 0800

The group returns to the Citadel, and after a finally restful night’s sleep, the group decides to contact “The Lady of Light” or at least one of her angels. After creating a few offerings, one of her archangels appears before them.

Daktar negotiates with the angel to allow the group entrance to Hastavar in order to obtain the pieces of the living gate. The angel agrees, on the condition that we expel the cosmic squaters when we leave. Eric readily agrees as long as it would be a short mission, although Daktar is more hesitant. We also learn that the living gate is located within the sun.

Dyshyr notices that he has started to grow blond hair, not scales, but mammalian hair. He also finds himself dreaming of fjords.

The group travels to Hastavar and begins to explore the city. Daktar suggests that we start by heading to the palace of Pelor, while Dyshyr practices flying with his new hammer. Irik steals things. The city itself looks like the populous suddenly disappeared. There one second and gone the next.

Eric magically sends his voice out and demands that those who shouldn’t be here leave. At this Eric is attacked by a revenant who disappears into a cloud of smoke. Eric turns undead freezing him and pointing him out to the rest of the group. So everyone else stabs the guy.

Eric again finds himself being attacked, this time by a spell by a shadar-kai wizard atop a building. Irik loots the thundering rapier and +4 leather armor from the corpse, the corpse. As we continue on we come across a [[:potted plant]]. It makes Eric very nervous. Dyshyr knocks it over and uses his acid breath on it.

We come across a halfling who seems to have forgotten his name. He was apparently with the group that invaded but holds no loyalty to them. They promised him riches but never really came through.

We continue deeper into the city. Eric is suddenly cursed by a Content Not Found: old-paul-guy_. The hexblade takes the offer to leave peacefully and walks away. We then bump into a Content Not Found: another-paul_ who Irik kills and a Content Not Found: more-paul who Eric kills.

We enter the temple of _____ and pass a message scrawled about someone named Big Noodle. We come across three statues of Arathis, Ioun, and the Lady of Light. We enter through the walk way and feel a burning in our souls, and although it hurts, we feel that our sins against Pelor have been forgiven. As a result of approaching the sun, Eric and Iric are blinded.

The group enters a large cathedral, so large it could hold over 10,000 people. At the back is a spiral staircase. Eric attempts to blindly cartwheel up the stairs.

At this time, Irik receives a prayer that mostly consists of “oh please help me please – “

Daktar heads up first and is questioned on Ioun’s tenants. Eric attempts to follow, but fails and ends up being turned around. Dyshyr makes it up. Eric makes it up on his second try. Irik who was blind and refused to make his presence known, hobbles up the stairs.

The group finds itself in the middle of the sun. We debate using this sun, the heart of life/light, to destroy Deicide, however we decide to wait.

Time freezes and Daktar’s people show up and reclaim the living gate and give him vials for his companions to drink before they enter the far realm. Then they leave and time resumes.

Daktar tells the group about the vials that drinking them will protect our bodies in the far realm.

The group then heads back. As they head back, they find out that the people who were there were sent there by a wizard to recover the four dawn stars, powerful radiant objects.

Daktar heads off to Zerthabulabablalabala, or the fortress of Zerthaman. The efforts of the gith army have been going slowly but more and more gith brethren have been joining and begun the training.

Daktar contacts Kas and asks him if he were to give Kas a chance to destroy Vecna, would he risk everything for it, which Kas agrees to.

The rest of the group drops off the people they found in Cassius.

Irik returns to his thieves guild and finds that everyone there had been slaughtered and an altar to Zehir constructed in place of his own.

The rest of the group research defenses against the inevitable mental attacks they will face in the far realm.

Irik gives the fallen guild members a formal and respectful burial, as a fallen priest of the church of Irik would deserve.

Irik discovers many new churches in Rodania. Several churches to Frank; several to the King Renderall; one to a Sex Goddess; and a few to Zehir.

Irik first investigates the church of Zehir. Inside he mostly just finds townspeople praying to the snake god to send snakes to kill the rats in town. While remaining hidden, Irik begins knocking things over, frightening the townspeople and making the priest uneasy. Irik steals the priests change purse and throws it to the crowd. He then proceeds to kill the priest. Irik leaves one of his feathers with the corpse and leaves to meet with the succubus goddess Malkanthith.

When he enters he is greeted by a…member of the church…of the big goddess who is on dream weed. He takes Irik into the back room. Irik asks to speak to the person in charge and learns that this sad individual is the one who started the church. He leaves a message that he was there. The “priest” asks for a donation, and although Irik is compelled to end the life of this most annoying priest, he instead knocks him out and ties him down, leaving him as an offering to Malkanthith. As he leaves, he is accosted by children proclaiming the joy of Kris Kringle. Irik instead runs around yelling at children that he does not actually exist and that it is actually their parents that deliver them gifts. The children of Rodania are despondent.

Daktar gives an offering to Avandra and asks for her forgiveness for what he is about to do. The angel of Avandra is unable to grant this. He then asks for the protection of the lady. The angel is unable to grant this. He then asks her to keep something safe for him. She refuses to take the sword with Kass because if she were to take it, he would be freed. He then gets in touch with Eric and tells him that Vecna has taken the dawn stars, which he can use to destroy several of the great gods, which he can use at any time as soon as he knows that we know. He asks Eric to get some of Moradin’s most powerful assistants to fight Vecna and steal back the Dawn Stars. When Eric asks for more information, Daktar is unable to give him any more info. Eric goes to Moradin and explains the Vecna plans to use the Dawn Stars like Death Stars and asks him to send someone after it. Moradin agrees to send Clagdin.

“F——-ing Pelor” – Moradin

Daktar travels to Minerus to meet with Caleb in the City of Chains. Daktar asks Caleb to setup a meeting with Asmodeus about his intention for the planes. He also asks Caleb for 12 of his best devils to be under his command. Caleb agrees on the condition that Daktar delivers Asmodeus’ head. Daktar then sends them off with order to reclaim the Dawn Stars from Vecna. Next he makes an offering to Kord and Cassius appears. He informs Cassius that Segmus has fallen and that Vecna has the Dawn Stars and asks Kord to act accordingly. He also tells him about the waters from the river Lithe. Cassius questions Daktar’s motivations if he travels someone who has falsely claimed the title of a god of war. Cassius suggests that perhaps he should take up Mjolnir.

The group contact Caleb to discuss the contract. Before they get the chance to inspect the contract, time freezes and Daktar’s handlers appear. They take the contract from Caleb’s hands and replace it with a different contract, one that will use the infernal energy of the contract to restore the groups souls to another point when the far realm is destroyed. Our bodies will be destroyed when the far realm is and a way is needed to bring us back. Daktar agrees to act as if he is persuaded by Caleb. Time resumes and Caleb explains that the contract will keep our souls so that if we fail or fall, the far realm will not be able to control us. Daktar agrees to sign if Caleb drinks his vial. Eric begins reading the contract to make sure that there is a clear way to exit from it. Although he barely understands it, he feels that it should be fine and signs. Dyshyr also signs. Irik follows suit.

As we ready to go to the Far Realm, our bodies fall limp as our souls leave our bodies, an Elan gathers our souls and brings us to a crystalin tower and places it into a chamber. Our bodies reform but with shards of the living gate imbued. They then restore our souls into the new bodies and the bodies are placed on the living gate. We then awake, with the impression that we simply were teleported here. The party makes note of the shards jutting from our skin. Eric is upset that he was not told his face would be marred.

“May good ale follow you wherever you go and Geronimo!” – prayer of Soniver

Eric offers a prayer and then jumps through, followed by Irik, Caleb, and Dyshyr and Daktar.

As we go through, we feel at once connected to the greatest source of intelligence. The knowledge and feeling of omnipotence overwhelms us.

Eric attempts to create a magical traveling circle to keep aberrant creatures out, but it doesn’t work.



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