Fall of the Gods

Chapter 24

Where Garl Glittergold steals our kill and Eric makes false amends

1864 of the 3rd age, January 25th 0800

As the group sleeps, Segmus Hartrider pulls us into the a forest in the dreamscape. As Daktar splits the forest, we see the aryan splendor that is Segmus, and are greeted by the look of amazement and shock that we seem to have control here. As Segmus charges at us, Eric turns the forest into a bar and sees the reflection of Garl Glittergold in his sword. Eric taunts Segmus that he and Garl are nothing compared to Soniver. Daktar deflects his attack and attempts to shatter his sword. From the reflection of the bottles in the bar, Garl steps out and shoots Segmus. Irik loots Segmus’ corpse.

At that, Garl disappears back into the reflections and the dream ends.

Eric and Daktar head to Rodania to locate the lady and discover the town being almost entirely renovated, a massive task funded by [[Irik’s thieves guild]] funneled through a shadow government setup to bring in a higher class of citizen in order to have better things to steal.

The lady is currently in the graveyard. In the graveyard, they find the tomb of Queen Estella, who passed away long ago after setting down the rules of etiquette for high society. Eric, keeping with the spirit set down by Soniver and the Erics before, and above the name on her tomb, begins to write “For a good time call,,,”

As he begins to desecrate the statue, the knight of Estella rides up. He is Sir Reginald, Exarch of Queen Estella and seems ready to punish Eric for his new indiscretion. Daktar strongly wishes to speak for Eric, however Eric proclaims that the actions he is being accused of are part of the etiquette of his own god. That his god allows forgiveness and is tolerant of the etiquette of other gods and does not violently persecute those who disagree, especially those who only want to live a life enjoying the pleasures of a common life. That although they may disagree on what is considered good etiquette, they do agree on protecting good in the world. Eric is given the option of being banished from Rodania in exchange for the charges being dropped, to which he agrees, of course that being something he has no real intention of following.

Irik, appears and learns of the events that have occurred. In response, Irik, as leader of the Rodanian shadow government, declares that he shall have passed a motion to celebrate Soniver Day. A day dedicated to praising the good works done by Soniver and his sole cleric in the world, Eric McJerick.

After returning back to the Citadel, a loud knocking once again shatters into Eric’s mind. At the door is a dwarf, dressed in green, ferrying a wooden crate with a dolly. He claims that it is from Moradin.

bq). -What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX ?!

Inside is a set of gleaming God Plate armor, which Eric excitedly spends the next 6 hours putting on.

Eric want to go say thank you, so Irik and Dyshyr go along.

Eric is reaffirmed that plunging Deicide into the heart of light will destroy it. Don’t trust the elf, he has already turned over to the fey. The hearts are keys into the planes of positive and negative energy. We need a container for the energy, like the Terask….OR….have perfect timing. Arathis knows more. Any answer the oracle give us from now on, is from Vecna.

Dyshyr find himself in the forges. He walks up to a Dwarf, taps him on the soldier, is handed a hammer, and starts working on an anvil. A dwarf drops off a bunch of metal and works it for the next 12 hours. In the end, he ends up with an incredibly strong piece of armor. It has an…..earthy…look to it compared to Eric’s armor.

Irik also is somewhere in the forges. He talks briefly with Moradin about his funneling the wealth of Tiamat’s horde into the community. Moradin also tells Irik that it is very possible that he will die in course of completing the tasks he is working towards.

While the rest of the group is out, Daktar arranges to meet with Caleb in Sigil in order to vet him. Since Asmodeus put him in charge of the first level, if he does not complete the mission, he will die. Daktar continues to push Caleb about his desires and motivations.



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