Fall of the Gods

Chapter 23:

Where a real god dies and we argue a bunch

1864 of the 3rd age, January 24th 0800

Much debating occurs on the way back into town about whether the Hammer of Thor should be returned to Thor or Kord or whether Dyshyr should keep it and kill Thor to claim his divine spark.

Daktar is strongly against keeping Mjolnir and believes they should uphold the agreement with Kord and bring the power to him. Dyshyr just wants to keep the power. Eric feels that the sacrifice should be made of Thor. That since this party is attempting to repair the lattice to restore balance, using the power of an aspect of a god to achieve those means is preferred against not. Gaylord, as the newest member of the party, seems to be following whatever is the popular opinion at the moment. Irik has been strangely silent through the argument.

Suddenly time freezes as Daktar’s handler arrives to tell him that the [[:silver sword of gith | Silver Sword]] is in Tiamat’s horde in Cordanov, behind the Dragon Gate. Gith will be attacking soon, so time is of the essence. There is also a good amount of the living gate in Pelor’s possession in his city, and that in Daktar’s party exists one of the only people capable of entering the realm, by directing the Citadel. Those pieces of the living gate should protect the group from Far Realm influence.

Time resumes and Eric finishes his argument. Resistant, Daktar agrees to allow Dyshyr to hold on to Mjolnir as long as he is joining them on their adventure to the Far Realm. Daktar also entices the group to help him acquire his sword by tempting him with the rest of the horde. Dyshyr is eager to return to his homeland.

bq). -Speaking of murder…Irik…are you there?

Elsewhere, half of [[Irik’s thieves guild]] lays dead while the other are bowing and offering their allegiance to their Dark Lord.

At this time the group has returned to Cassius and consult an oracle to find out what caused Thor to lose his mind. They learn that it was from exposure to the river Lithe that caused it, thus verifying that Caleb’s test was successful.

bq). -I don’t just let people take my bums

Eric tries to convince the cleric at the temple to release Thor, but has a difficult time. He tries to explain that he is a worshipper of Soniver, who got drunk and wondered off. Upon leaving Eric invites all of the bums to follow them to Soniver’s church.

The argument continues over allowing Thor to recover on his own or being killed to claim his divinity. Once again, the argument is laid to rest for the moment…

The group takes the Citadel to Forgehome and finds that it has it’s own allocated spot.

bq). -The ale cart is the Dwarven milk man.

From there we teleport to Deep Scale where we find that the Dragonborn are forming an army. Eric tries unsuccessfully to communicate with them, luckily Dyshyr recognizes the soldier and greets him. They are forming up a defense in case the battle falls back this way.

As the group walks out the gate, squadrons of planar skiffs are battling legions of dragons in the night sky. In order to get through the fray, Daktar calls in his favor from the Queen of Masks in order to disguise the party as they run through the battle to get to the mountain. The masks make the wearer look like members of the army looking at them.

bq). -It’s nice that you hung on up Paul
bq). -Oh I should invite him back in!

As we enter the cave, we make our way through until we approach the hoard. As we try to walk past the guards with attracting attention, Irik trips and reveals himself, Gaylord attracts their attention as does Dyshyr.

As we realize that we need to prepare for battle, Belrath, the high exarch of Tiamat takes her dragon form and springs into attack form. Instantly, Daktar dominates her, which she immediately shakes off. She unleashes a powerful attack. During the fight, Rashep, the blue dragon enters the combat.

bq). -Everything’s better with Paul gone

We fight some more and then the cave roof falls in and Tiamat falls through.

bq). -There is no conceivable reason not to do that
bq). -But this is funnier

Eric attempted, but failed to dominate Tiamat. Instead, the group banishes Tiamat and Belrath. Seizing the opportunity, Irik runs off towards the hoard to grab the Silver Sword of Gith.

As the battle comes to a close, with Belrath and Tiamat weakening, Gith drops in, carrying a copy of the weapon used to kill Io. As she falls she slices cleanly through Tiamats head.

Irik runs up the stairs, finds the hoard, immediately sees the sword and grabs is. As he starts to head back out, he takes another look at the horde, runs back and makes a quick appraisal and grabs all of the best stuff.

As Irik runs out past the scene of Gith and Belrath destroying Tiamat, Gith turns on Rashep to betray him, however Rashep pulls out the [[:Staff of Oppression]] to force him back. Sickened by the assault on one of his people, Daktar returns to the fray in an attempt to destroy the Staff.

Daktar finally manages to grab and upper hand and begins to threaten death upon Rahsep who agrees to relinquish the staff once Gith has been defeated. Eric agrees, grabs Daktar and forcibly drags him out of the cave. They return to the citadel and recoup.

Dyshyr introduces Eric to Drakof, whom Eric calls Jackof. and informs him that his army of 500 mercenary dragonborn are there to serve as guards for the Citadel.

In the morning, Dyshyr begins working in the citadel to make sure the Dragonborn armies are settled, Irik goes off to take care of some plans, and Daktar goes off to his people to speak and motivate them.

Daktar goes to ______ and delivers a rousing speech:
Following this he leaves Kas the sword in the hands of his trusted soldiers, afraid to risk exposing it to the effects of the Far Realm.

Eric decides to confront the lady now in an attempt to clear the air and prevent his duel.



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