Fall of the Gods

Chapter 22

Where we defeat Frank, the god of thunder

1864 of the 3rd age, January 23nd 0800

The moment we land, Daktar bolts out the door, running at full speed to get to Mjolnir, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. He heads out on his horse as the group follows behind him.

As we run through the city, we pass the Magnum Opus Institute.

As Daktar asks about the weapon, the townspeople inform him that a former guard has it. He is now Frank, the god of thunder. He spent all of last night bringing down lightning in the forest. Currently he and a small army are marching through the Forbidden Forest to take on Segmus.

Daktar decides that they should find Thor and get him taken care of. They learn that the church of Arathis has taken him in thinking him a vagabond. When they enter, it appears to be a large soup kitchen. Eric gets behind the counter and cooks food using his wok and fills their mugs with ale.

Daktar identifies a man matching Thor’s description. He and Eric approach and try to talk to him, but he does not respond to his name. Daktar sits down to talk to him, telepathically, and discovers his mind is empty.

Daktar intends to reunite Thor with his hammer to see if that makes him whole. Dyshyr instead makes his intention known to claim the hammer, kill Thor, and absorb his spark of divinity.

Eric learns that Frank is a good guy, well liked by the city. Recently his wife left him for an Elf.

In the meantime, Irik has left the group behind and headed out into the forest after Frank. However, unable to locate Frank, he spent hours searching and eventually just ended up joining the group when they made it out there.

Suddenly a group of town guards come out of the woods and command us to stand down and step aside.

Eric tries to convince them that the are unprepared for the coming battle and Daktar tells them that they are messengers of the gods and are there to help them and request an audience with Frank.

One of the guards summons Frank, god of thunder. He won’t hear of any other gods and proves his might by attacking Eric.

At this time, Irik springs his attack knocking out Frank and grabbing Mjolnir.

Daktar command the guards to stand down and allow the gods to settle this.

Everyone fights

Soniver of a bitch

I didn’t know you could fly.
I hardly ever do it.

We kill everyone and Dyshyr takes Mjolnir.

The group argues the intention of repairing the lattice to restore the status quo vs greedily collecting all power that we can.

As we head back to town we see Caleb. He tells us that he is holding back the tide on the first level. He is flanked by a pair of hell hounds. Eric identifies them as some of the Alpha breed, that they are gifted by Asmodeus. His armor identifies him as the ruler of the 1st layer. He asks for our help. He says that he has a weapon that will defeat the Far Realm and keep them at bay across all of existence. It is water from the river Layithe. Caleb tells us that it will destroy the Over Mind, erasing everything. It would not destroy the Far Realm, but leave them as unconnected, mindless beings, easily defeated. Daktar asks to see the vial of water in order to verify Caleb’s claim.

Daktar communicates with his order and learns that the plan is sound, but that Caleb has spent a long time near the source of the Far Realm’s power.

Eric takes Frank’s wedding ring.



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