Fall of the Gods

Chapter 21

Where we meet with the reflection of an Arch-Fey god and get a tiny bit of information

A lone knight approaches the citadel. He has come seeking the word of Soniver. He introduces himself to Daktar as Gaylord Twittly. Daktar regrets to inform him, that Eric is away, but that Eric left someone else in charge and not him. A chicken. Daktar does not know his name.

But he will be back shortly.

And with that the rest of the group arrives. We are greeted by an enthusatic Gaylord. Gaylord informs Eric that he was told by Soniver to assist and protect him. Eric is resistant to allowing another member into his church with a connection to Soniver.

With that we prepare for bed and to meet with Corellon.

Daktar asks Eric if he wants to setup a failsafe that would allow us to summon him if necessary, Eric feels that it would be better not to risk upsetting Corellon.

Eric meditates and talks to Soniver and learns that Gaylord was sent to learn and grow at Eric’s hands.

With that the group enters sleep, but before that Eric turns the citadel into a waterpark with waterslides and waterbeds….for a second before it turns into a safe house.

Except for Daktar, we all wake up in a forest. Eventually the tress part and we follow a path to a grotto with a fountain. Eric looks into the fountain and discovers that whatever we think of appears.

Eventually Corellon appears and informs us that he will never aid us while we possess Deicide. He agrees to give us his piece once we have collected the others. He is unable to connect us with Sehanine.

Mab has aligned herself with mortals in the past but Titania would be very resistant to helping us as the summer court has been tricked before. He also informs us that we must collect the pieces in order.

Spring => Summer => Fall => Winter =>Spring

Dyshyr asks where the spirit of Aliza is, and where she was being brought and learns that she was on the way to the realm of Corellon in the Feywild.

We tell Corellon that Lloth is located on the material plane, and ask if we run into trouble with her if he will help. He offers us an army to use against her.

Daktar asks if the meeting is over so that he can explore the realm of dreams. Corellon tells him that his is not allowed here. No mortal is allowed here because it is too great a source of power.

As the group fades out, Eric finds himself at the Masquerade ball. Inside he grabs a mask, drinks a drink to Soniver, finds the queen and asks if this is like the first dream or the second dream.

She brings information about a new player that may be worthy of attention. Suddenly they are in Rodania and see a weakened and despondent Thor. As he enters the city, he allows Mjolnir to slide from his hand and continues walking on. He looks like his mind has been wiped. She tells him that this happened last night. Eric asks what did that to his mind.

When Eric wakes up, he informs the group about what he saw and we head to Rodania.

We mentioned Krull.



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