Fall of the Gods

Chapter 20

Where we learn of the splendor of Mirf

We head down the Kings Highway and come upon the half dwarven city. Outside are two enormous statues. One of Moradin and one of Mirf, the Svirfneblin version of Moradin.

Inside are a number of clockwork statues, surrounded by an army of Svifneblin. As we are talking, a red carpet unfurls and rolls out in front of us. We walk down and Dyshyr inquires about the location of the Drow city. He also learns that Lloth may be there because no search parties have left the city recently. We learn that there have been a number of Githyanki in the drow city, and that the artifact that Dyshyr is searching for may be there. As we prepare to leave Dyshyr compliments their Mirf statue, which prompts of respons of “Yes, our Mirf “statue””. He asks what the half dwarf means by that, and is told it must be an error with the translator. He asks if that is actually the god Mirf outside, and they wish him farewell.

The half dwarves also have heard of Soniver, and invite Eric to open a church of Soniver there.

As we exit, Eric and Dyshyr attempt to communicate with the Mirf statue. Eric learns that Mirf is the god of invention, engineering, and statues and is the patron god of the Svifneblin.

As long as there have been statues, there has been Mirf.

Eric implores the statue of Mirf for assistance.

“Mirf, my name is Eric McJerick. You should help us. If you change your mind, you know
how to contact us”

Eric also asks for some replacement statues for the Citadel.



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