Fall of the Gods

Chapter 2

Where we broke our GMs mind and then he broke our characters’ bodies

Arriving in the city, we learned that all Dwarves had been called away from the city, leaving many blacksmiths and taverns empty.

At the temple of Asmodeus, Opus offers our services in eliminating a god, but we are unable to send a messenger to him, because Legion has fallen out of favor with Bel.

Rejected, we try the Temple of Kord, where, of course, Opus is punched in the face by the greeter. The greeter offers us 50,000G for the head of Orcus. He happily accepts

“Kenkus love Who, MD”

In order to plan our quest, we consult on oracle again
Head to Thanatos
When you kill a celestial being with Deicide , they cease to be.
Sigil is the closest source we can go to to begin rebuilding the lattice of heaven
All the dwarves went to Forgehome (asked by Legion, read earlier in the day on signs all over town)

“Do you have anything that can help?”

“Cassius means kindling….in the ancient tongue”

On the flip of a coin, we decide to head to Sigil over Thanatos. We offer the apprentice at the wizards tower a wicked awesome party with hot slutty girls in exchange for teleportation to a town with a gate to Sigil. Making good on his word, Opus goes out into the town and informs some attractive young ladies of the handsome apprentice inside.

We appear in Bedlam into the middle of a riot between a number of githzerai vs slods. In an attempt to flee the area, Irik wanders into an area with inverted gravity, and starts to fall up. Opus flies after on his griffin, but the change in gravity overcomes him causing Opus to go flying after. As gravity corrects itself, Irik uses his feather fall ring to float back down, but Opus plummets forcefully, leaving a massive crater where he falls. For generations after, this crater will be known as The Greatest Crater and stories of the rock man who fell from the sky and limped away

We try many methods of investigation before Irik asks someone.

Legion loses a level for referring to information known to other characters.

“The ship comes…there are splinters everywhere”

We go to Irik’s residence on Sigil to plan our next step. Irik’s outright refusal to converse with his help delays their investigation. Alfred, his butler, informs us of going ons before Legion asked about interplanar travel

“My brain is completely fried at this moment”

Irik retires to his double king sized bed while Legion and Opus are resolved to sleeping in their travel bags on his dining table.

During the night, Legion has a dream. He appears before Bel, and remembering his last visit, drops to his knees and begins to flail himself. In walks Caleb, Legion’s twin brother and rival for Bel’s throne. In a spectacular display of fraternal one-upmanship, when Caleb shows off the two heads he brought his lord, Legion boasts that he will bring two more, a total of 4. Bel demands this by tomorrow. Serial, in an attempt to provide Legion with any positive spin, he notes his increased height. Legion, in a desperate attempt to gain favor, offers Orcus’s head. Bel, knowing the limited abilities of Legion, asks him to, instead, defeat Duriel, a demon lord causing Bel particular problems.

While Irik and Opus enjoy their breakfast, Legion tricks them to approach Orcus 400 levels lower (in order to kill Duriel) and sneak in that way. After his compounding lies fall in on him, and he decides to tell the truth. Legion offers us all of the monetary gain from the mission, as long as he can bring back the heads.

In order to get into the guild, we need to leave a secret. Legion admits to attempting to destroy a world, Irik admits he stole the godslayer weapon, and Opus admits his bravado is to hide that he is afraid in combat.

Inside we find a room filled with children, and a demon preparing to eat them. Unable to support this and eager to finally take down a demon and prove his worth, Legion drew his sword. During the combat, Legion’s brother Caleb shows up to observe his brother. A critical blunder by Legion causes Caleb to laugh. Although his laughter is stopped when Irik drops the demon.

He introduces himself to the group. In a fit over the group’s warm greetings to his brother and rival, Legion creates a portal to Avernus and walks through. Opus cuts off the demon’s head and hides it in his glove.

Caleb offers his help which Irik immediately accepts. Opus invites him as well. Legion, paranoid of his brother embarrassing him and stealing his kill tells him that he is not welcome. Caleb casually mentions that he won’t learn how to kill Duriel. Information which Legion begs him to share, but Caleb leaves, saying goodbye to his brother, who he calls “Thomas”.

As we explore Avernus, the smell of fire and brimstone fills our senses.. We walk to the portal chamber where Legion demands to go to level 531. The devil working there informs him, the prince of hell, that this is not how the portal works, and that it goes to Pezonia.

While the group thought they were in hell before, Pezonia is monumentally worse. A legion devil, who apparently views Legion as his commander, informs us that the portal we need is 6 miles out from the fortress we arrived at. Legion commands a phalanx and transportation to the portal while we rest for the night.

As they rest, Legion once again appears before Bel. Caleb is there with a group of the children he “rescued” from the demon Irik just defeated. Legion informs Bel that Caleb has information he needs to defeat Duriel. Legion claims that he does not want Caleb’s help, but asks his master for ….

And then he wakes up… To find a well bred nightmare to serve as his mount. As legion climbs aboard, the mount teleports away and leaves him.

The group mounts up and Opus flies out on his griffin, Hawk and is promptly knocked off by a demon soldier. Thousands of devils rush out of the fortress to recover Hawk and are able to do so at the cost of their lives. Repeat.

So he decides to stay with the group this time. They get to the portal leaving half of the devils to guard the portal and sending the other half through ahead to clear the way for us. Irik rips a tattoo off one of the demons as he jumps through the portal. The demon is unaware of this theft.

The party arrives in an ocean of blood. Opus pulls out a magical feather boat and they climb on.
As Opus asks Legion which direction we need to go, Legion realizes that he does not know. Irik seems to remember that he had once heard where he might need to go, but has no idea of their orientation. Luckily Opus was able to help navigate, and together, the two of them are successfully able to navigate towards Duriel’s ship.

Opus and Legion initially decide to ram their tiny boat into Duriel’s larger one, however Irik instead decides to stealthily navigate their boat along side of the boat.

As Opus jumps onto the boat, he throws the demon’s head at Duriel proclaiming “you’re next”. Legions follows, adding in “Yeah”. During the very difficult battle, Opus cleverly banishes Duriel, only later causing him to reappear on his swan boat, and causes the boat to turn back into a feather causing Duriel to fall into the blood ocean. When he finally manages to climb back onto his ship, Irik knocks him back off the back again. He climbs back on and attacks Opus, causing a reaction to one of Opus’s powers which forces him teleported back.

Opus was taken out first, prompting Legion to finally call for the aid of his brother. When Caleb arrives, his first attack misses, proving his genetic link to Legion. Somehow Legion manages to pull up the strength to use one of his strongest attacks, one he can normally only use once a day, for the third time and misses. Seeing that things are not going to work out, Irik runs and grabs Opus and pulls him overboard. Legion follows after and they teleport out of there.

“put a bucket on it’s head”



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