Fall of the Gods

Chapter 19

Where we travel to a city of secrets and take our own damn boat across

We see an island with a settlement on it. We approach a dock with a lantern on it.

My attention span is not that long…I have ADHD&D.

Suddenly Eric appears next to Dyshyr. Eric knows that he could use the red stones to locate Torog. As it is his blood.

The ferrywoman is an Incunabula, who are ardent followers of Vecna. She tells us that the price of a trip is a secret and that to find out if there are half dwarves across the river, it would cost 2 secrets. We come to the conclusion that it is the City of Glimmer, where secrets can be bought and sold.

Dyshyr tells the ferrywoman that he does not think the ale in the Citadel of the Moon is not good. That allows him to cross. Irik tells her that he has stolen her coin purse and boards the boat. Inside the purse he finds 5 secrets one of which being that.
2. He also learns of a wizard who is cheating on his wife with a succubus.
3. Giles is having anal with …. (Thank you Cyphers for not providing anything)
4. Bob is secretly stealing money from his boss, who is also his wife, and placing it into a joint account. He is not a smart man.
5. Thrasher claims to have godhood, but has not yet.

Eric boards his feather boat and crosses over.

Once in the city, we start thinking of different secrets that we want to discover.

Dyshyr looks for the location of the Drow city and the location of his artifact. The location of the Drow City would be a moderate secret, one that would cause him harm if it got out. But the location of the half dwarves is only a minor secret. Dyshyr reveals that he actually thought Legion was a cool guy, until he turned to the Far Realm. For this he is told how far down the Kings Highway they are located.

To learn Aliza’s location, it would cost him 3 souls OR two souls if one is a child.

The location of Thrasher is one Major secret, something that could undo Eric. After learning that these are servants of Vecna, Eric jumps back on his boat.

Irik stole one very important secret, that the heart of the Shadowfell is an actual heart.

With that, we leave the city.



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