Fall of the Gods

Chapter 18

Where we call a girl a make a date for the next night (Session 10)

1864 of the 3rd age, January 20th. 0730

We wake up and decide to go find Corellon. Irik finds in his pocket a note from the Trinket Lord that an oracle has gone missing, and that it seems Vecna is responsible.

We discuss how to get in touch with Corellon. Irik is resistant to talking to an angel or servant of the god, because he is afraid to communicate through a mediator. He wants as few people to know of their plans as possible. He would rather go find Corellon and talk in person. Dyshyr gives Daktar the money for the ritual, so we end up contacting an angel. To attract the angel, Daktar acquires a self propelled arcane orchestra. Irik and Dyshyr make macaroni art.

An elven looking angel appears and Irik greets her and requests to speak to her god. She is weary of dealing with an agent of death. Irik promises that he means no harm to them. She asks how she can be sure. Daktar suggests that they meet in the City of Dreams. Daktar will send an aspect of himself inside Irik, so that he does not have an advantage there. We agree to meet there the next night.

I hate it when my schwartz gets twisted

The angel takes the offering and leaves.

Since we have nothing to do, we go to sleep and prepare for the next day. As the group rests, Daktar discusses matters with Kas. He learns that the vampire army being recruited by Sergio were told to meet at the City of Blood. Daktar then limits his power, thereby cutting off Kaas’ influence.

Fight a god and his army? If we have 4 people we could probably do, but not with 3.

1864 of the 3rd age, January 22nd 1745

Dyshyr goes to Cordanov to look for this lost bretheren. Along the way he describes the great continent. Dragon Gate is the Northern outpost, so named because the dragons control the north and this outpost keeps them at bay. To the South, is Cordo, the capital city. It is a large posh city. To the southwest of Cordo is a port city which is the main portal to the other continents. Deep Scale is the dwarven city in the mountains, and is often under siege by Drow. The Drow city is Arulz…….something….No one knows how to pronounce it, but the Dwarves and Dragonborn call it Shit City….as it is where all of the shit from Dragon’s Gate is dumped.

Dyshyr misses Old Scale Schmukers, although he finds out that his son, Young Scale Schmukers has taken over the tavern.

Recently the Adamantine Gate, made of Dragonsteel, has been constructed, effectively preventing much conflict.

Dyshyr asks Daktar to teleport him down there and Irik decides to go with him.

We find ourselves in the Underdark and begin searching for the Half-Dwarves, aka Svirfneblin. Dyshyr finds a tunnel filled with red stones. Neither Irik nor Dyshyr know what they are. Dyshyr realizes that there may be some divine property and makes a note to ask Eric about it later.



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