Fall of the Gods

Chapter 17

Where we meet Irik’s mentor and learn some more stuff

Irik asks Daktar to take a look at the pocketwatch and he identifies it as a compass, that when in the feywild. Daktar uses an item reading ritual and sees that it comes from a giant pile of junk, that it was made by a fox, that it comes from a fox, that to use it…you use a fox, and that the location of the fox…is the giant pile of junk. He tells this to the group. Irik realizes where it came from and prepares.

Dyshyr finds himself back on the wagon with Aliza. The arrive at the temple. Dyshyr follows Aliza into the convent, but she informs him that he is not allowed in since he is not a priest. He heads off to find temple security to warn them of the impending drow attack. He wanders up to the guard and explains what is happening. When the guard reaches for a weapon, Dyshyr realizes what is happening and grabs him. He runs to the temple and demands they open up. A priestess opens the door. Dyshyr demands to see Aliza and the dark skinned elven priestess informs Dyshyr that she is in the middle of a prayer. He tells her that Aliza is in danger and she informs him that Aliza is already with her queen. Hearing this, Dyshyr forces his way into the chambers and sees Aliza being bled out as part of some ritual or ceremony. He rushes to her side. He uses his armor to heal her and breathes acid on the drow priests. He grabs her and the run out to the wagon. He explains what happens and they make a run for the temple of Bahamut. When they stop for the night, she seems to glow with a radiant light and claims to be cold. She informs Dyshyr that she is the daughter of Lloth and Corellon and that she needs to get to the temple of Corellon at the heart of the feywild. She says that it is too late, that the only thing he can do is hold her while she dies. and she does.

He comes back.

Dyshyr gets a little existential in his explanation, but Eric still has the memory gleamed from her corpse of her dying from soup and doesn’t think that Dyshyr’s trips are actually doing anything. Eric now has a goatee though which Dyshyr does not remember him having before.

Irik insists that they go to the feywild and they see that the clock has slowed down. Dyshyr thinks that it slows down when we get closer to our destination. As we head west, it gets slower, but it always tells the correct time. When Eric holds the watch, it goes backwards…again. We continue west until it gets dark.

We go to the Citadel to sleep for the night, and since Eric was thinking of the Planar chicken that was riding on his head, everything is made of straw and formed as a nest.

Eric dreams again of the Queen of Masks. This time it was only a dream. A dirty dream.

1864 of the 3rd age, January 19th. 0800

We return to the feywild and continue for about 6 hours, we notice that it starts to speed up. We head back to where it was at it’s slowest and then head north. Eventually the watch stops when we enter a beautiful grove with a well. At this point the chain is only a few inches. Not seeing anything else in the grove, the group begins to investigate. Eric drops a rock and it takes about 5 seconds until he hears a splash. Factoring the rate of acceleration at 9.86 the group begins to calculate the distance and Daktar simply jumps down. He finds himself at the bottom of a well. Even with a light, which barely cuts through the darkness, he can only see the walls of the well. Eric ties off all of the rope he has, 150ft, ties it off on a tree and climbs down.. When he reaches the bottom of the rope, he pulls on it and it falls down. He is alone in the well. Dyshyr pulls on the rope and it comes up without Eric. Irik holds the watch over the well and the chain seems to expand out and drops it down the well. Eventually, it seems to grow taught. Dyshyr starts to climb down. After he reaches a few feet down, gravity seems to reverse and he begins to start climbing back up. When he reaches the top of the well again, he finds himself in a hovel filled with piles of junk. He pulls on the chain and Irik follows down.

Eric swims to the bottom of the well and discovers the it bells out on the bottom. Finding nothing, he swims back up. Daktar uses his climbing bracers and climbs back up, finding his way stopped by a large plastic wall.

Dyshyr calls out “Here foxy foxy foxy” and wanders around looking at stuff. Irik just sits there and waits as Dyshyr looks through stuff and calls out to the fox. He finds a pocket color tv, an industrial powered rock saw, a thought cap, a gas grill, and a podium with a microphone.

After about 20 minutes, Irik sees a fox, and tells him that he doesn’t need to look like that. He turns into a gnome and Irik greets him as master. He throws two beakers to Irik and says that his friends seem to have been lost. Irik puts them aside. Irik says that he needs to find the light. “And the darkness” his master says, “but which would be easier to steal?”. That there are four pieces of the light, two of which are with the Summer and Winter queens, and the other two he does not know where they are.

Dyshyr asks where Aliza is, but he tells him that Dyshyr found her and that her soul was taken eons ago. Lloth had sacrificed her then. Her soul had escape from Lloth and that was what he was escorting 500 years ago. The Trinket Lord tells Dyshyr that the light could be used to sustain her and allow her to pass over. Irik asks what else they could be used for and TL informs him that they hold saw over the seasons.

Irik decides to let out his companions in order to get their perspective on things. Eric asks if he saved Irik and Irik tells him that he did. That makes Eric happy. Dyshyr wonders why Irik would inflate Eric’s ego that way.

Autumn belongs to Sehanine and Spring belongs to Corelon. Spring symbolizes rebirth, which gives Dyshyr the idea to use it on Aliza to re-born her.

Irik asks TL if he knows what the actual procedure is to fix the lattice. He does not know.

He does not know who Daktar is…and does not care.

Eric asks TL is he has seen his warforged. His head is believed to be there, though.

The group has a brief discussion on the sexual habits of the gods.

Eric finds his wok.

Irik asks TL where the Rod of Whirlwind is, and is told Gloomsomething, city of rain

Eric begins digging around for the Eye of Legion, but is unable to find it.



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