Fall of the Gods

Chapter 16

Where we go to defeat Gith and have a conversation instead

Daktar emerges from the meditation chamber, ready to confront his destiny, however it may play out.

The citadel suddenly transformed into a structure made entirely of ice and crystals…and ice crystals.

Since the citadel is unsecured, we leave it there and portal to the astral sea. We find ourselves on a city built on the remains of a giant deceased god. Daktar sends out a mental proclamation that he is there.

Time freezes and Gith comes before him. She questions him on whether he has returned to unite the people. He simply states that he has returned. He says that there can not be two skies. Daktar says that he is ready to end this and that it is time for his people to reunify and for Gith to end her conquest. Daktar acknowledges the great things that Gith has done, but that there is no need for their people to become corrupted with her goals of conquest. Disappointed with Daktar’s defiance, she informs him that their armies will soon meet. Daktar refuses to lose more lives and challenges her to single combat. Gith questions why, in all this time, Daktar has done nothing to free their people. He has not defeated the far realm influence, or any of the other threats to the gith people. Daktar tries to convince her that their peoples should be reunited to defend against threats, but that it should go no further. At this, she turns her back and walks away. He yells after her that he will be waiting for her to come around and reunite their people in peace and she disappears.

As Daktar returns to time, he tells the group that negotiations did not go well.

“You should belive in yourself…just…wait until you are the right level”

Now that the gith peoples are at war, the group runs away to continue their missions.



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