Fall of the Gods

Chapter 1

Where we learned a basic backstory and met our new characters

So we woke up around a sword

Legion approaches the sword that magically becomes a rod in his hand. The rod carries the name “Deicide

At that point we decided to check our bags and were surprised to see the amount of things contained within.

Hawk – the griffin
Opus Magnum

After Opus flies up on Hawk, he discovered that we are in the middle of a giant sigil that says “god slayers”

From where the sword was, a brilliant light erupts!

Thrown off by this turn of events, and afraid of what was to come, the brave warlock Legion threw the removed artifact and tossed it to Opus. To further surprise them, it turned into a vorpal axe in his giant size. Curious to see what would happen, Legion instructed Opus to toss it to Irik. Noticing his shady and secretive demeanor, he immediately regrets that decision.

They’re attention redirected back to the light, they see a horde of angels appear.

The angels start speak in a strange language unknown to Irik and Opus, but luckily the wizened warlock Legion was able to tell the group that they were threatening us, and that we should kill them.

The angels quickly become frustrated with the inane conversation between the three heroes, the angels demand they hand over the weapon so that they may use it to kill the excess gods. When Irik learns that his may be at risk, he implies that he would prefer his god, The Traveler, to be spared, Legion translates this as a threat to the angels and asks them “If they are going to take that?” They don’t.

Opus -“That god damn bat!”
Irik – “It might be a god damning bat.”

Within 40 seconds, the majority of the angels were destroyed, except for the one cowardly fool who ran away.

With that, we climbed aboard our mounts…and booked ass.

We head into the town Naderan to investigate the miniscule amount of information that we have. We agree to meet up at the Lumpy Gnome and split up to explore the city. The temple of Moradin proves useless to Opus, so we meet up and enjoy the fine accommodations of the Lumpy Gnome. Somehow the priests there were more helpful.

“Clerics of Pelor = Emo Bitches”

That night…

Legion is on the 1st level of hell, before Bel. His insolence gets him whipped repeatedly. Until he finally realizes he should kneel before his lord. Legion is behind on delivering a demon lord skull to him. He wakes up back in his bed, and feels the lashes.

Opus, happy to learn of the absence of slaves in the town, buys 20 acres of land and donates it to the town.

We decided to consult an oracle.

We learned nothing….except that there is a prophecy of the godslayers

Consulting Legion’s minion, we learn that the lattice of heaven has been destroyed, causing an excess number of gods that overlap and that the gods have been forced down to the mortal realm in mortal form.

Dm – “What is The Traveler the god of?”
Entire group in unison – “Traveling”

After much discussion on which gods the party would like to see dead, Opus decides that we should head to the religious center of the continent, the city of Cassius. A city which, unbeknownst to Irik and Opus, Legion has a sordid history with….



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